A peck of Pickled ports

May 11, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Purveyor of primo Pandora ports Pickle (ok, that’s enough now) is keeping the news section nourished this fine Monday with a pair of classic games and their sequels: The d1x-rebirth and d2x-rebirth interpreters (if you’re a non-Linux type, this means Descent 1 and Descent 2), along with Supertux 1 and Supertux 2. If we behave, we might even get some video later in the week. Happy Monday.

Descent thread | Supertux thread



  1. I held off playing these on the 2X as I didn’t want to spoil the experience with dodgy controls. The dual sticks of the Pandora, should be the perfect compliment to these games though.

    Nice work as always Pickle 😀

  2. Dual analog for SuperTux? Wow, you’re hardcore.

    I kid, but it great to the Pandora’s library coming along.

  3. Descent on the Pandora ! I am getting more and more excited everyday. The waiting is almost over !

  4. I need help. The Pandora is occupying my mind 24/7 now. And all these teasers doesn’t help.

    Anyone else suffering from the Pandora-syndrome?

  5. yippie… good work!!!! happy happy happy!!!!

    @Once: playing with some nice boobs helps for while *

    ( * assuming you’re male and straight or female and lesbian – other might want to fixate on somethings else.. 😉 )

  6. Pickle , porting like your ass is on fire , keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Buy a cheap used PSP Fat. It does everything the Pandora does for gaming/emulation and more. You can sell it for little or no loss when your Pandora arrives.

  8. > “Buy a cheap used PSP Fat. It does everything the Pandora does for gaming/emulation and more.”

    Ruh roh. 😆

  9. I posted in the forums and I post again: Pickle does some great shit, and despite his name, he is anything but sour :p

  10. Oh, and I hope he gets the keymap soon. I believe carigix promised him one.

  11. @2010
    That’s just medicine! I want the vaccine!!! 😛
    thanks for the advice though – maybe I’ll try it

  12. Official from Craigix:
    Fantastic Pickle, I’ll send one of the new keymats to you to go with your new board, should make your life a little easier.

    from here:

  13. this is AWESOME. I’ve always loved Descent

    Though I’ll probably still feel odd playing on anything other than a proper joystick. Still very exciting to see all this stuff coming for the Pandora.

  14. What? Oh, this (d2) is just my all time favorite game. Nothing special. And the missile in the picture is one of my all time favorite weapons. It was so fast, that my slow computer treated it like an insta-weapon more or less ;P

    Love love love. Awesome to see this ported.

  15. Heh, this should be fun with the analog nubs.
    On GP2x I sucked pretty much on it because of the controls…

  16. I’ll definitively give this a try… when I was a kid, Descent sure made me dizzy :). I’ll see if I can handle it now ;).

    Great job Pickle! Very appreciated.

  17. Man, those are such great games. Way ahead of their time. Only the controllers of today (or the spaceorb, or an expensive joystick) could do them justice. Man I want my pandora now more than ever.

  18. Psht! They say the Pandora is $330, but people are making all these good games available it’s really closer to $600 by the time I get the 32Gig SDHC cards I need.

  19. Man, Pickle, you are one sweet pickle. 😉

    Can’t wait not only for the Pandora, but to see whats cooking with the homebrewers and ports, especially after the Pandora is released!

  20. Hah. It’s great to see a great library of software and games slowly developing.

  21. Closer to $600 you say? Sounds like you’re buyijg some pretty expensive SDcards but have you considered the cost of other consoles, espcially with their rather high-priced retail games? I’d far rather replay my old classics for $330 (plus a few more for RAM and new games) than spend much the same on another console that is a brick until I shell out more and more and more… 😀

  22. Un-bloody-believable. Now we get Descent 1 and 2.

  23. The Descents are going to be superb with the Pandora’s controls – almost made for it…

  24. […] A peck of Pickled ports Posted by: gruso […]

  25. The day we can do a Descent2 multiplayer with our Pandoras is gonna be .. well .. its gonna be .. *sniff* .. GLORIOUS..

  26. Pickle has uploaded videos of Descent 1 & 2, plus a whole load of his other recent ports 🙂


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