Official Blog: Epoxy coated keymats.

May 8, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Shiny! Want more? You know where to look.



  1. Looks even nicer 😎
    A question though: will the Y and D keys be fixed ?

  2. Looking nicer and nicer. Personally, I don’t really care about the Y and D, if they can be fixed, nice; if not, not a problem for me.

  3. Yep, it’s a simple template fix (in software I believe) so it’s no trouble for them to tweak before mass production.

  4. there is a glare on almost every key 😛

  5. Far preferred them matte, a nod to the ZX Spectrum. These look a bit Chinese knock-off to me, too shiny. Still the whole machine will be fantastic so I can live with it so long as we get it in our grubby little hands soon!


  6. They should really put something up against them, like a penny, so we can compare the rough size.

    Either way, AWESOME.

    I agree with you Timothee, I couldn’t care less about the Y and D, but I know some people will, so it’s best to have them sorted out.

  7. Clearly they don’t want any epoxy on the sides (keys would be to big for the holes), so I sure hope the manufacturers Quality and Quality control will ensure the entire top is coated. Looks like some of those keys might have a bit of the matte still showing up.

    On second glance at the pile, it looks like the different keymats are actually to test different epoxy levels. They seem fairly consisten on the individual keymat, and different amounts from keymat to keymat.

  8. The above is just speculation, but in the pile, look at the bottom left one compared to the rest

  9. Err, I mean the far left one, underneath the rest.

  10. The matte versions do have a really nice retro look, but we don’t our controversial key layout wearing off, do we. 😀

    Hey, if it’s good enough for the Palm Pre…

  11. I think the shininess adds a certain touch of class, especially since it’ll match the shiny shell =] All I hafta say is F***in sexy.

  12. I get it that the label placement is fixable, but I have yet to see a post from a dev saying it would be fixed. Would be nice to see Fatih or whoever is responsible for that piece acknowledge the issue and that it will be corrected.

  13. I liked them without epoxy like shown https://openpandora.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/official-blog-official-keymats/ . I just don’t like them so shiny. I’m sure the final ones will be great though.

  14. Hmmm, yeah – I see some of the issues backassward mentions. I’d love to see one of these actually fit in the case and working…to show that keyboard entry works better than the £prototype” keymat did 🙂

  15. So… is it safe to check off “Create the keymat mould (takes 20 – 25 days)” on the timeline yet? I think so… The mould is obviously done now, just need some tweaks on the paint job.

  16. “I just don’t like them so shiny.”

    That’s where lots of use comes in.

  17. It would be nice if Mweston was shipped some keymats along with the translucent case.

    I’d like them to be able to test the keys on a non-stiff mat.

  18. @ sosilly: EvilDragon acknowledged the character positioning issue in this post:


  19. The epoxy isn’t just there for looks, guys. As much as you may like the ‘retro’ look, it’s not just a cosmetic feature. If it isn’t on there, the keys will get stuck underneath it, like a calculator does with it’s keys, and will be harder to press down. The keys would also wear off.

  20. Because of the convex surface, the epoxy looks even more shiny.

    It does not look that bad, I only hope the epoxy is abrasion-proof and does not loose its shine by rubbing against fingers and nails. Should some keys become dull while other less-used keys stay shiny, it would start to look really bad.

  21. In regards to the post:
    “So… is it safe to check off “Create the keymat mould (takes 20 – 25 days)” on the timeline yet? I think so… The mould is obviously done now, just need some tweaks on the paint job.”

    I don’t think we can assume the mold is done now. Just because they’ve made some keymats for testing purposes doesn’t mean a mold has been created for the purposes of mass production yet. I’m guessing that they have other methods of creating the keymats to make sure they’re right before the mass-production mold is made.

  22. The mould is done. 🙂 These are mass production samples, which means they’re the first keymats to made using the actual mass production tooling.

  23. The progress of the past week has been quite encouraging. I can’t wait to hold this unit in my hands. Did anyone else have a clear vision of holding the machine and typing when they looked at the shiny keymat? Man, it feels like we’re close (even if there’s still many weeks to go)

  24. Also I’m intrigued by Fatih’s tease on the blog: “We will be back with more good news!”

  25. Looks great! 🙂

  26. I looked at this and thought nothing’s changed then just as I went back to photoshop I noticed a glint of shininess!! yay!!

  27. In the batch photo there is one less than perform. Manufacturing defect on it or just not pictured?

  28. *before, not perform.

  29. maybe the one sent to Mweston? 🙂

  30. RE: Also I’m intrigued by Fatih’s tease on the blog: “We will be back with more good news!”

    I viewed it as being a bit hyperchipper. You know – fake grin and saying “Good news! Happy happy! There will be amnore!”. Imagine Arnie as The Terminator promising “I’ll be back” but with a grin from ear to ear…

  31. […] Official Blog: Epoxy coated keymats. Posted by: gruso […]

  32. Wooo, nice mould! now lets see it in a Pandora Prototype!

  33. Why are people complaining about this so much? In the other keymat thread, someone posted this:
    which mentions the choice of “either gloss or matt epoxy”, Has anyone considered/suggested the matte one?

  34. Good news, this is one step closer to being done!

  35. shiny *drool*

  36. Isn’t the extreme shinyness a result of camera flash?

  37. No sure what value top posts adds and neoffer appears to be a spammer. Is neoffer something that helps support the site or just another spamming leech?

  38. Looked like spam to me, deleted. I might have to tighten up the filtering rules so that any post with an embedded link goes to the approval queue first.

    Re: Top Posts, I did turn that off at one stage. Guess it didn’t stay off.

  39. Other than the issues that are already known regarding the keymat, it looks nice to me. Nice going, guys.

  40. if you zoom in on the very bottom left button you can see a ghost LOL

  41. ^looks more like a starman

    micheal jackson, elvis presley, ghosts/starmen, what is openpandora ltd. trying to tell us?

  42. Epoxy may cause an allergic reaction right?
    Doesn’t it have other health risks also?
    Just curious…

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