Transparent Case Delivered!

May 2, 2009
Posted by: Butterman


That’s right, the transparent case has been delivered to Fatih. The purpose of the transparent case is to make certain that all of the components are fitting properly.

Hi all,

You can see the final prototype of Pandora case. Yes, It’s transparent because we want to make sure that everything really fits there.

Give us some more time to peep this beauty so we can proceed with the production of the case. I hope we will have some videos to share soon.

Thanks for your support and patience!

I believe the case should be going on to MWeston now so that he can test it.

Source (Thanks Screeny)

The GP32X forums were up very briefly today, I got a quick peek, but I can’t seem to connect to the GP32x site at all now.



  1. Still thinking that a transparent production case would be awsome….

  2. Sweet, that’s good news πŸ™‚
    Good luck for the remaining steps and let’s hope the project doesn’t slip too much…

  3. I’d say translucent…

  4. i hope they can go to mass production soon!

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What was the roadmap for MP after this again?
    Getting closer to reality!

  7. From the official website…

    Wait for the last remaining pieces for mass production (LATEST deadline is second week of March)

    No worries, based on this our Pandy’s should already be in the mail.

  8. Fatih, not faith. It means Conqueror, by the way.

  9. @2010: I always read it as “Fatty.”

    @sosilly: Oh yeah I can’t wait! Man… how long does the delivery take? Well, i’d rather have a slowly delivered pandora than a speedy delivery, since they’ll look even harder at the address to make sure it’s right. No rushing makes perfect, and no speed at all ensures the quality!

  10. Guys… seriously? Its not being shipped yet. For god sakes it’s not even done. This isn’t the “Final case” this is “Final PROTOTYPE case”. The real cases still need to be mass produced along with the components and completion of CE and FCC testing. We still have a ways to go. The front page is outdated and you probably should believe that march deadline with a bag of salt.

  11. Please enable sarcasm meter when reading sosilly’s post. πŸ˜‰

    Soulkiller is correct, we still have a little way to go. First, this prototype has to be shipped to MWeston (ie., from Turkey to Canada). Once he assembles it and gives it the thumbs up, assuming no problems, the case mould can be ordered. That’ll take up to 35 days to make. That puts it at about 6 weeks until the first units roll off the line.

    Then there’s FCC & CE testing, but that won’t impact delivery times for the most part because the entire first batch won’t even be manufactured yet.

    Anyway, it’s another step towards completion. Frustrating yeah, but I’m glad they’re doing everything they can to make it perfect.

  12. “but that won’t impact delivery times”

    Where have I heard that before?

  13. Great news! Hope testing turns out to be OK guys, so we can get the cases in mass production soon.

    Getting closer!

    Side, off-topic comment: I just got my DS… not that I’m quitting of something ;)… well, point being is that it is a pleasure to play some NES / SMS games on it… couldn’t help to think (and comment) that it will be sooo cool to play SNES, PSOne, Genesis, Amiga, etc (include all those amazing PC ports and original Pandora-only games in that ‘etc’) on our Pandoras… the wait will be worth it guys! Hang on!

  14. @2010, no I agree it is Faith. I am sure I saw a post on the forum the other day that said this project takes a lot of Faith.

    @Soulkiller/Gruso, I hate to disagree with you, but CE testing must be done. The devs told us more than a month ago that they didn’t need to wait for the final unit, it was going out the next week and CE testing was only going to take a few days. I’m sure that is right and that the last remaining pieces went into mass production in March. That must be correct because anytime I ask for more regular and informative posts from the devs I get buried in fanboy bs and told that we are completely informed. So with that, I’m staying home from work next week to wait by the mailbox.

  15. … Well, to be honest SoSilly… yep, we haven’t been informed the past week of the last news officially because… the official medium (the forum) was down. But ED did inform about it through the medium he could – the German forum.

    Asking for info is completely normal… complaining too… but this blog might not be the best place to do it (no devs here).

    Just a little more patience; we will get our toys, sooner or later :).

  16. Sosilly, you do love your sarcasm don’t you.

    As it stands, MWeston will test this transparent case, upon giving the go ahead, the cases will go into mass production. You have to take every estimate so far with a pinch of salt. They all mean nothing.

    The OP team have never done a process like this, they have no idea how it works, frankly they’re “noobs”. Giant companies like Sony can have this process done within weeks, but only because they’re loaded.

    We’ve been waiting, but I’m pretty sure we’re coming to the end of that wait.

    Are we sure it’s Fatih and not Faith 2010?

  17. Yes sarcasm is better than getting upset. Mweston will likely start that a week from now (hopefully) when he actually gets the case from Fatih. Even noobs can post a single, informative post a week. And no, the GPX32 forum is not the ‘Official’ site, the openpandora website is. Obviously the blog at least is up because Fatih posted pictures of the case. Not going to get started again on a Sunday. Have a good weekend all and keep the fatih.

  18. Can’t resist the urge… I… must… complain…



    I hate you, Hannah Montana!

    … What a relief!

    PD: Just a little joke :D… very sorry the off-topic-ness… relax and enjoy the sunday guys! Bye!

  19. @Butterman

    “…upon giving the go ahead, the cases will go into mass production.”

    As Gruso also mentioned above, the molds for the case have to happen first.

  20. I just wish the devs would use the newsletter system.

  21. can i pay a little extra and get the transparent one lol?

  22. Hey blog people, you owe it to your readers to post news of the assembled Pandora pics (finally!):


  23. ruh roh, I’m outta here. πŸ˜€

  24. That case looks quite poor, doesn’t it?
    Anyway, I’m sure the Pandora they’ve send to me is all black and shiny and flawless. Curse that mean post officials! I bet they all ‘borrowed’ our 4000 Pandoras and play with them everyday for months now. If they at least used it to finally create some new emulators and stuff…

  25. I hope Faith sent the case to mweston today. Would there be a reason he would hold onto it?

  26. Hopefully faith has sent the case on … This project does not need any more daft delays like these .. shit happens .. but given it’s almost a repeat of last case scenario – it’s crazy!!!

    Hopefully no more delays .. if gets beyond july 2009 .. i’ll start looking at other pausible netbooks

  27. Fatih.

  28. @rajtakhar

    don’t say “other plausible netbooks”. the pandora is not a netbook.

  29. Pandora not a netbook?

    here are some industry standard definintions of a netbook … We could have the debate for days on end – lets just say the pandora is in between a netbook (due to it features) and a handheld pc ..


    “A netbook is a streamlined mobile device designed for the Internet, so you can stay connected on the go. Get up-to-date news, the latest scores and weather information, access your e-mail and social networking sites, and enjoy digital videos, photos and music.

    “Netbooks may look like laptops, but they don’t have the full capabilities of a computer. Instead, a netbook specializes in mobility and the Web, so it’s great for travel or as a supplement to your main PC.”


    “A netbook is a small portable laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet.

    Primarily designed for web browsing and e-mailing, netbooks rely heavily on the Internet for remote access to web-based applications” and are targeted increasingly at cloud computing users who require a less powerful client computer. Netbooks typically run either Windows XP or Linux operating systems”


    “Netbooks are small portable computing device, similar to a notebook, and are great for surfing the Web and checking e-mail. What differentiates a netbook from a notebook is its physical size and computing power.

    A netbook typically has a small display, ranging from 7 to 10 inches. It weighs under 3 pounds, and support a keyboard that is reduced in size from 75 to 80 percent when compared to a standard keyboard. Netbooks have build-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB ports and slots for flash memory cards. To keep the devices small and compact, netbooks do not have a CD or DVD drive, and most use solid-state disks (SSD) for storage.

    Netbooks commonly run Linux or Windows XP Home edition operating systems. Prices for netbooks range from $200 to $350 USD.”

  30. If you’re willing to substitute Pandora for a netbook, then fair enough. But if Pandora was just another netbook, 4,000 people wouldn’t have preordered. They would have just bought an Eee or an Aspire One instead. Surely you realise this.

  31. Pandora has:

    1)9-10 hours of alleged battery life under intensive use. Only the upcoming Tegra chipset devices also claim to offer this.

    2)Gaming controls. The NDS and PSP have this.

    3)Touchscreen. A few high-end netbooks, ultra-portables and the NDS have this.

    4)Enough power tasks like browsing in an almost-pocketable format. Viliv and UMID devices have this, I expect more is on the way.

    5)All of the above in one package. That is the key to Pandora’s (hopefull) success.The problem is, if the gaming controls are just a side-benefit rather than your real purpose for buying the Pandora, it’s starting to have viable competitors. That definitely wasn’t the case when the project was started.

  32. The Pandora is an ultra small netbook. But it is so much more too.

  33. How about an option to get a transparent case ? Will be awesome for the led mods like on the psp !

  34. It’s like saying “I don’t like the OQO, I’m going to get a different laptop.” Sure, a UMPC is technically a subcategory of laptop (lightweight, portable computer), but using the extra classification says more, and the super-category doesn’t necessarily suffice. The Pandora is a UMPC, IMO.

  35. I think the Pandora is just a portable/pocket game console. I think the trend in general is for game consoles to have more general computing functionality. Both the PSP and the DS have web browsers. I think the Pandora is just a little ahead of the curve.

  36. Neither the PSP nor the NDS have web browsers useful for more than the most casual needs. The PSP can run Opera Mini which is an improvement over the stock browser in some ways but still nowhere near enough.

  37. Hey 2010 I agree with that the current web browsers on game consoles having a lot of room for improvement but my argument is that the trend of game consoles is moving in the direction of more general computing functionality. I think that the next generation of handhelds from Sony and Nintendo will probably have better web browsers then the current generation.

  38. Nintendo is unlikely to come up with a new generation portable anytime soon. There’s still hope for the PSP2 if they add a touchscreen.

  39. @ RajTakhar:

    All of these names and definitions are made up by product manufacturers and marketing people. You might as well argue about what makes a beverage a soft drink, an energy drink, or a sports drink.

    The whole idea of the current generation of computers called “netbooks” is that Intel (and to a lesser extent AMD) has a CPU that is much less powerful and has lower power consumption. What do you call a computer running an Intel Atom CPU that can barely get you on the internet? Oh, let’s call it a “netbook”!

    Don’t give in to Intel’s marketing strategies. It’s what the terrorists want us to do.

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