My kingdom for a forum

April 30, 2009
Posted by: gruso

A brief and very belated note on what’s happening with the forums. A donation drive earlier in the week motivated Hando to upgrade the forum software on GP32X, to fix the bugs and avoid a mass exodus (well, a thread about mass exodus anyway). Unfortunately a few hiccups in the upgrade knocked the site out of action, where it has stayed for several days.

There is some life on GP32X today, but it’s not quite functional yet. In the meantime, the famous backup forum is still open for business at openhandhelds.org (formerly forum.openpandora.org).



  1. I don’t know what is worse, the lack of news lately or the realization that that I’m addicted to the forums…

    The community is dangerously in need of some solid news …STAT

  2. “Yooouuuu shouuuldn’t donatee.. blurp!”


  3. Actually, this entry is somewhat incorrect. It was not the donation drive that motivated Hando to come back – the donation drive was started by EvilDragon after he came back. The short timeline of events is:
    1) Hando disappears for a few months and none of the other mods can contact him
    2) A worried EvilDragon begins working to turn the other Pandora forum into a GP32X replacement
    3) A few weeks before the new forum’s ready, Chip announces on GP32X that everyone should move to the new forum
    4) Big clusterfark ensues. Longtime members and other mods, who weren’t notified of any of this, resist the move.
    5) StreaK, creator of openpandora.pl, says that Hando registered on that site recently and he has his email. Sends Hando an email.
    6) Hando responds. StreaK passes on some of the community concerns to Hando, gets Hando to come out of his cave and post his first message on the forum since autumn 2008.
    7) Hando gives some other people admin powers (including ED) and they work to finally upgrade the GP32X forum to version 2.3.
    8) Due to some upgrade error, forum goes down. IPB is taking their sweet time getting around to fixing it.

  4. Thanks Esn… I knew ED wouldn’t leave us hanging around in the void ;).

  5. By all appearances it was the donation drive that sparked the upgrade – as posted. 😉 Whether the money went to software upgrades or beer we don’t actually know – but all signs point to both. 😀

    I should point out to readers (especially those who aren’t forum regulars) that none of this has any bearing on Pandora’s development. Hando is the founder of gp32x.com, where Pandora was born, but he has no affiliation with Open Pandora Ltd. All of this is just a mildly entertaining Internet Drama, which left hundreds of forum addicts shaking in the corner.

    And yeah, massive credit to EvilDragon for stepping in to help Hando, and for all the work he’s done on openhandhelds.org too (check the new skin!).

    Now, back to wondering where MWeston’s clear CNC case is…

  6. NO i can’t lurk anymore!

    how many times has the forum been down now?

  7. I’m still shaking in the corner.
    till some new news comes out

  8. I just wish they would promise one update (even a Tweet) every day. Even if they say “We didn’t do anything related to the Pandora today except this update” That’s less than 140 characters.

  9. hey, about offer of a kingdom for a forum…

    How big of a kingdom is it? I might be willing to take you up on that, assuming it’s not one of those dinky little European ones (for instance, that place where EvilDragon lives).

    Note that I don’t mean to give you the physical server or nothing, just the software and posts in the forum. And it might take me a day or so to find one. So yeah, we can meet under the London bridge at dawn tomorrow to discuss, we’ll use the pass-phrase “The weather is cold” with the response being “but the weather is warm”.

  10. @jacfalcon the problem is we’d have weeks of:

    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    Emailed CNC cse manufacturer to ask about the clear case – it’s “imminent”.
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    Tried to contact Faith about the case – he’s not at work this week.
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress
    No Pandora progress

    and so on. It would quickly get dispiriting both for the team posting and for the customers reading. In this sense, no news is, perhaps, good news (bear in mind that nearly every bit of news we DO get invovles adding a new delay and that seems doubly true!)

  11. @modred: It’s pretty big, at least 16×16 Carcassonne tiles. Only driven to war on Sundays.

  12. so this went…

    “oh no the forum could go down – lets move!”

    “No we don’t want to move, its nice here!”

    “but hando doesn’t reply to mail”

    “yes I do – I’ll fix the forum…”

    “look I’ve fixed it”

    bzzzzzzp ………. “Yooouuuu shouuuldn’t donatee.. blurp!” …………….

    – I think that just about sums it up… What an improvement!


  13. So, it looks like August is out of the picture. Maybe September or October now, eh?

    Seriously, where the *fuck* is that transparent case. This whole thing is getting even MORE ridiculous.

    I thought the original misinformation train wreck was bad. I guess that was just turbulence. OP Ltd. *seriously* needs to get it’s act together.

  14. steady on anon2, there have been 2 official updates this year from OP Ltd, Isn’t that enough for you?

  15. I’m in serious need of Pandora news right now.

  16. the mob is getting restless, I think its time to throw us a bone. Then we can fight over that instead of fighting over not having a new bone in awhile…

    rinse and repeat

  17. Im actually more worried the entire thing might crumble. They better not refund anyone money.

  18. i think they should learn the term. “perfection is the enemy of good” Just make it good enough to sell, perfection can be done later if at all. No fooling around with changing case designs etc.

  19. Steady, folks. A material possession that might take a while longer to be built properly is not worth losing your mind over. I’m going outside to enjoy the weather in the meantime.

  20. Chill out guys. It’s going to take a while, but we will get this baby in our hands.

    We will update this blog as soon as the forums go back online.

  21. I can only quote openpandora.org:
    * Case Design: January 15th
    * Case Prototyping: approx. 1-2 weeks later
    * Final production and delivery: approx. 2 – 4 weeks later

    Yeah, it’s only 4 months since then and damn, we still don’t know if the case design is final, case prototyping is not finished and production and delivery… don’t even ask for news, or some fanboys will bitch you down.

    Craig is intentionally posting twitter- and forum-messages in totally unclear form, making everybody over-exited and won’t answer one related question.

    Annoying, at best.

  22. Here’s a (free) translation of the German blog.

    An update from ED:

    “Soooo, now I a little and also more information inquired. The TV-Out cable is almost finished, Akkus already one while in mass production (runs so far problem-free:)), the transparent housing sent the mass production work sinnigerweise to Fatih (and it notices too late…) – therefore it is not yet with Michael (the extra for it an UPS account… with the last mark could it had not opened directly to it send, there it no UPS account had). Fatih is unfortunately until Monday in Seoul on the way, continues to send then the housing however immediately via UPS express to Michael. To tinker to procure that uses however momentarily time, around TV Out cable and itself around small articles (foam material for the loudspeakers, microphones, etc.) and work ELT as well as some Codern (partly also paid of us, so that they can worry in the final phase completely about the Pandora) to last refinement drivers, so that, as soon as the boards, which also already are in production, can be tested directly on heart and kidneys:) Since the error is here with the mass production work, we to probably try to persuade it the molds faster than planned manufacturing…”

    So if any German folk there can help us with a better translation, very appreciated ;). Here’s the source:


  23. […] englischen Blog! Übersetzt diesen Artikel hier und postet ihn als Kommentar auf folgende Seite: https://openpandora.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/my-kingdom-for-a-forum/ Ähnliche Themen:Gehäusedaten angepasst – Produktion beginntKurzinterview mit EvilDragonToDo-Liste […]

  24. Alright, I asked around and got some new information.

    The tv-out cable is as good as finished, the batteries are in mass production for a while (which runs without problems so far), the crystal case has been (stupidly) sent to Fatih (and noticed it too late) – therefore it didn’t reach Michael until now (who opened an extra UPS-account, because the last time they couldnt send it directly to him because he had no UPS-account).

    Unfortunatly, Fatih will be in Seoul until monday, but he’ll send the case to Michael via UPS Express Service as soon as possible.

    He uses his “free time” at the moment to finalize the tv-out cable and to get/order smaller parts (foam for the speakers, microphones, etc.). And he’s working with some coders (of which are some being paid, so they can concentrate completly on the Pandora in the final/last steps) on the last improvements/details of the drivers for testing the boards completly as soon as they arrive – they’re already in production.

    Because this [wrong shipping address] mistake has been made by the manufacturer, we’ll try persuade them to create the molds faster than originally planned.

    Sorry for any mistakes, tried my best 😀

  25. Hey, thanks, Kollau.de! Nice translation, and perfect timing as well… my boss just helped me translate it, and your translation comes to complete his translation and save the day ;).

    Thanks a lot again!

  26. Oh god. I need my fix. Stick the needle in my and let the sweet gp32x morphia flow into me

  27. Yes @bla, I too got tired of any request for regular, informative posts being drowned out by fanboy bullcrap. Just let it go. Would someone please post another translation?

  28. […] My kingdom for a forum Posted by: gruso A brief and very belated note on what’s happening with the forums. A donation drive earlier in […] […]

  29. So where does this put the position of the Pandora in terms of its shipping?

  30. 2 months away

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