TV out cable detailed

April 26, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Did you kick yourself for not adding a TV out cable to your order after seeing the recent demo? Then don some shinpads Shirley, ’cause it might get kicky in here again. MWeston has posted details of the final cable design, and it sounds like they’ve got it nice and right.

The A/V cable has five phono plugs (male):
2 – Line input L and R (unbalanced)
2 – Line output L and R (unbalanced)
1 – Composite output

It also has one S-Video connector (male, 4 pin). The signals are shared on the composite and S-Video outputs so only one at a time can be used and setting the output is done on the Pandora by software (or you will get a black and white picture on composite jack if set to S-Video for example). That gives you a good explanation of the A/V cable. It brings out the audio and video signals, but not the digital I/O’s or the power supply.

We don’t want to skimp out and give you the bare minimum so we found a company that will do 10 feet long cables, gold plated male ends so no adapters needed and all the multimedia signals possible on the port so it’s just one nice long run from the Pandora to your stereo. Badda boom, badda bing 😉




  1. Ok is 2:11AM I was just going to bed ant this came up on the RSS feed

    Man I’m impressed I’m so liking forward to this.

    Pleas ship soon


  2. Nice! I am glad that I added this cable after my initial order.

  3. I wondering how the two RCA line in cables could be used. I’m not much of a phonopheliac but I’m having trouble imagining mics having two female RCA’s for output… I googled some “preamps” but couldn’t find anything that seemed like it would let me take a mic and output to two male RCA plugs. It seems like they all have their own standard proprietary connector.

    Would someone who knows their audio please explain how useful it is? Or if it was a mistake going with two male RCA’s

  4. The RCA inputs are definitely no mistake. 😉 They’re line level, which covers 99% of devices you’d want to plug in. Excluding, of course, microphones. Don’t forget there’s the internal mic, and the spec also lists “ability to connect external microphone through headset” which I guess is through the headphone jack.

    If you want to go pro though, you need a mic preamp, and finding a cheap one can be frustrating. Most mic preamps fall into the realm of professional audio, so you’ll find a lot of 19″ rack mount units that cost hundreds of dollars.

    Cheapies are around though, Behringer is a brand to look for (eg. their Minimic preamps). Even then it’s not a mere few dollar spend, be prepared to spend $50+. Another approach is not to look for mic preamps, but compact mixers. Something like the Behringer Xenyx 502 is a good example, or their compact Eurorack mixers. Not only do they have mic inputs and RCA outputs, but all manner of other inputs as well. Very handy, and you’ll probably get one in the same price ballpark.

    I don’t mean to sound like a Behringer advertisement. I actually don’t think much of their audio gear, but it does tend to be the right price.

  5. Will we be able to attach a scart adapter like this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Psylins-Scart-Adapter-Switchable/dp/B00077DC60 so there’s no need to tune in the tv?

  6. Yep. 🙂

    There’ll be no need to tune in the TV either way. As long as your TV has AV inputs (RCA and/or S-video) you’re sorted. And if you happen to have SCART plugs, that adaptor will be the answer.

  7. It is that long ago I can’t remember what I ordered exactly. I think I picked a second battery and a case, but it could have been a TV cable & case. Damn feeble memory.

  8. @SoulKiller:

    I’ve bougt a headset and cut its plugs to solder the cables to a single 4-ring male plug (to be connected directly to the pando), then made an adapter from a female 4-ring to two males (an stereo one for earphones and an mono one or mic). I also have a free hands earphones with mic which was included with my cell phone, and it has 4 rigs like the pando has, but smaller, so I bought an adapter for it. You can also just solder a mic to a 4-ring plug, although I don’t know if that would mute the speakers.

    I doubt I’ll use line in cables for mics, unless I want to plug 2 or 3 mics instead a single one.

  9. I thought it was “Badda bing, badda boom” 😛
    I think I bought one, not sure though

  10. “so it’s just one nice long run from the Pandora to your stereo”

    Will the Video and Audio cables will split around halfway / two thirds down the length of the cable? Otherwise connecting to your Amp and TV simultaneously would likely require a second extension cable for one or the other.

  11. Asmo

    Well deepens on your set-up most receivers have video switching built in from that saving you problem.

  12. Crap- I didn’t preorder a cable with my pandora because I figured it would be the standard 3 ringed minijack connector (stereo audio and composite video, like an iPod video cable). Are these initially limited to preoders, or will extras be available without a wait?

  13. You should be able to email the team and add one to your Pandora order.

  14. Since I really don’t feel like wire transferring money again, I wonder if these cables will be available for purchase through paypal and/or credit card once the Pandora launches.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems like it would be possible since the only thing PayPal didn’t like about the pre-orders was that we weren’t getting the items we paid for within 30 days or something like that.

  15. Actually you can add it to your preorder RIGHT now through paypal. Thats what I did. I guess since ts cheaper paypal doesn’t really take notice to it. Just e-mail openpandora sales and tell them you want to add the TV OUT to your preorder. They will tell you your options, one of them being paypal. They will give you an e-mail to send it too and they ask that you included your order number and the words “TV OUT”. The do ask you to not refer to Pandora in the transfer so no flags will be raised by paypal.

  16. So the Pandora IS blacklisted by Paypal. Hope they can sort that out for the second batch.

  17. If I were selling Pandoras, I think I’d be the one blacklisting Paypal. That’s just me though. Hopefully regular credit card ordering will be possible before too long anyway.

  18. Didn’t order one with my pre-order, but I’m not kicking myself over it. I wasn’t after the Pandora for the TV out capability, I needed it to be portable. When a proper online catalog goes up I’ll probably get one then (along with an extra battery) because that does sound like a fantastic PC-to-TV cable, far better quality than you usually get.

  19. The pinout should be published and the connector should be purchaseable somewhere but I have not researched it incase you want to build your own…

  20. I did some googling on Gruso’s suggestion for a mic preamp. It was a neat setup. There was another smaller, cheaper on on eBay as well. For me, I will likely use the line in for my MD player and VCR for ripping audio. I still have a vision of traveling with the P, a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and jacking in to the hotel room TV and getting work done. I tried a similar set up with the Zaurus several years ago, but the lack of a good video out solution made it less than satisfying.

  21. I’m with Dauric here 🙂 I’ll get one later if I need one, but portability usually means no TV’s to connect it to.

  22. See now, battery news, that just doesn’t get me excited. But when I hear about the TV-out cable and see those glorious demo videos I remember my reason for buying a Pandora all over again. I’ll be able to play all of my old console games on the TV without the mess of consoles, cords and controllers of the past. Off to storage with you, 2600, where your woodgrain will stay safe for generations to come 😀

    Ah, the waiting… It’s the hardest part.

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  24. yeah same for me…With a wierd message
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    Hmmmmm- Most odd

  25. hacked? darn, that forum completly suck…

  26. Damn forums gone? just wanted to get my daily fix of no info 😦

  27. hum, IPS Driver Error…. IPS = Intrusion prevenssion system?

  28. Madness

  29. The oddest outage yet.

    “Yooouuuu shouuuldn’t donatee.. blurp!”

    Not your usual admin message!

  30. That freaked me out too. Especially after all that’s happened on those boards. Then I read this: http://forum.openhandhelds.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=875&start=0 … and a few people are saying that it might just be Hando’s humour. After all, there was a donation drive to upgrade the site AND buy him drinks. Looks like he’s doing both at the same time. 😀

  31. For those of you that use FriendFeed, here’s an “Imaginary Friend” for Pandora Updates:


  32. It’s almost May. And Michael still hasn’t received his transparent case.

  33. Maybe it was routed to Hando first for a quick inspection and that’s why gp32x.com is still down. 🙂

  34. Being transparent, obviously they put it down somewhere and now can’t find it.

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