Apparently, parts of the case are in mass production.

April 24, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Well this is just a tease. Quoth Craig:

Parts of the case are in MP.

But which parts?


We’ll… get back to you.




  1. Craig, you tease.

  2. tell =(

  3. whats the point of saying things like that?

  4. statements like that are worse than nothing :/

  5. One part of me is saying “at least it’s an update”
    while the other part is saying “there’s no point in submitting an update like that except to drive us into a frenzy”

  6. Well that is the how a twitter is meant to be used… but damn everyday they figure out a new way to keep me mashing F5

  7. its probably all the small fiddly bits and not the actual ‘case’ itself lol just be patient its coming!

  8. The curse of Twitter. Much fuzz without content…
    Well at least we know somethings going on 🙂

  9. He actually meant parts of the case are in (M)y (P)ocket…. which would make sense!

  10. Hang on, I’m pretty sure we will get a more in depth update soon. And, anyway, no matter what is beign manufactured… well, I’m glad that is is already being manufactured :).

  11. Not surprised by this as it makes sense to start on the bits that don’t need to change (and who doesn’t want 4000 stylii lying around). Good news to start the weekend!

  12. I was discussing misleading unexplained half-assed statements like this with Poisoned just yesterday. They are worse than nothing indeed. Either tell us what’s going on or don’t, don’t half-ass it. This just leads to speculation and resulting frustration.

  13. I thougth this was a reply to the question which parts have been in production before (a few weeks back already). And we already had the information that some parts are in production iirc.

  14. More people should click those handy little source links, I think.

  15. sometimes i think this is a great community and then sometimes i just think half the vocal people are a complete bunch of idiots. give us information! that information isnt good enough! whats happening! oh gawd i am enraged by how you can use such short sentences! blah! blahblah!

    parts of the case are in mass production. what does it matter if its the base or the lid or the stylus holder or the light pipes? some parts are being made, but obviously not all of them. its some progress but there is still more to do. why the hell get all up in arms and cry about it?! half the community seem to be almost inspirational in their input, the other half seem to lack any rational cognitive ability.

  16. Totally agree with renegadechic. It’s progress even if it’s not a huge leap and i’m glad to hear it. Keep em coming Craig.

  17. Probably they’re in the Northern Mariana Islands.

    … See … because that’s the two letter iso abbreviation for the Northern Mariana Islands is “MP” … get it? … Get it?

    Sorry. Carry on.

  18. I’m hoping for a surprise, but a pleasant one this time! Grr!! If this is JUST a tease I’ll hate it.

  19. August seems like a good month.

  20. 2010 seems like a good science fiction novel.

  21. Does that means that parts of a law case are in the hand of some mysterious Members of the Parliament? Might the Pandora be involved in some sordid and secretive scandal?

  22. Pretty poor judgment on Gruso’s part to post this crap. Rather than criticize PV, he needs to check himself. Not the devs fault. What is the devs fault is that they are either too arrogant or too lazy to commit to a once per week, coherent update. It would be nice to know what was done this week, what they’ve got planned for next week and the overall status.

  23. they do seem to be committing to an update every monday at the moment which is good. maybe if we got less stressed out about titbits of information labelling them Hard Facts, and instead considered them a preview for monday people would be a little less ridiculous and incensed about things. it is a shame to think that the team could or should be banned from community input and restricted to more formal updates just because there are a few pedantic control freaks about who expect the kind of corporate professionalism you get at microsoft, nintendo or sony. yawn to that i say.

  24. @ so silly: I’m not really sure what you mean. The purpose of the blog is to report things that are posted on the forums, and that’s what I did. For the record I thought it was good that Craig posted that, and because it was such a minute update I attempted to present it light heartedly. Why so serious folks?

    I’m off to check myself now, if I find any lumps I’ll consult my doctor.

  25. I love not having to scour the forums. You should be frustrated at craig, if anyone, not gruso. I’d rather this update than nothing.

  26. Uhm… OK guys, maybe a few points should be made clear:

    1.- This is the unofficial blog. Not run by the devs, but from people from our community. So, they can post here whatever they think is relevant. Gruso, Butterman, etc, are doing us a favor here; it’s not their duty or something like that, so perhaps be more thankful ;).

    2.- The devs do reguralily post updates on the forums. And I don’t think they are “lazy or arrogant”. At all. They are working hard – so please, have more (or at least some? :P) patience.

    3.- Anyone can only talk for himself/helself. To my knowledge, there is no “community representative”. So please be more specific when usign the noun “we”, especially when complainig or trying to establish a negative opinion.

    Just relax a bit… you’ll feel a lot better :).

    That’s all. Thanks, good luck and bye!

  27. “Gruso” thanks for contributing the update. Always appreciated.

    “sosilly” thanks for the…nothing.

  28. Good points all. Think before you type. Apologies to Gruso. Apologies for the adjectives for the devs, not apologizing for wanting regular, informative updates. For the record, when you take money for what you do, you move from being an amateur to a professional. A single informative update per week is the minimum to be expected. There is no excuse for anything less even if the update is ‘no additional progress’.

  29. […] Apparently, parts of the case are in mass production. Posted by: gruso Well this is just a tease. Quoth Craig: Parts of the case are in MP. But which […] […]

  30. sosilly, the minimum according to who? Where did you read this law? This isn’t some big company and if it was they could choose to release information at THEIR leisure. This is the real world.

    Let’s just be supportive.

  31. While sosilly’s presentation leaves much to be desired, I respectfully agree that I would like some type of regular update. One I like to know what is going on, but two I find it interesting to learn about all the trials and travails of a project like this. I think there is a book in it for the team in a year or so, maybe something along the lines of Linus Torvalds book (only with some professional editing 🙂 )

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