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April 20, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Good news everyone! *spoken in a Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth voice for comic effect*

Well the boards are ordered, all the parts are ordered (most have arrived) all we have to do now is build these πŸ™‚




  1. does…
    does this mean…
    we’re close?

  2. Hallelujah!

    Now let’s get some roadmap updates going!

    Is it just me, or have a few months gone by lately?

  3. Oh wow, that’s quite some news. Good!

  4. Huzzah! There’s a party in my pants and none of you perverts are invited πŸ˜›

  5. “does…
    does this mean…
    we’re close?”

    Yes, but then again, we’ve been close sinse November πŸ˜›

  6. LOL @november πŸ™‚

    Why is there a twitter this morning telling boards will be order this week when 20h later the msg “boards are ordered” is comming?

    what ever. i am happy. Yeah. I am HAPPY

  7. they should just ship the parts, I for one would be up for assembly, might be fun. Save them time…

  8. So, keypads, cases, batteries, and such … all ordered?

    If true this is excellent news.

  9. hurrah!

  10. Is this for the first batch of 500 or so, or the handful of test units?

  11. It’s finally done! It’s actually ready for assembly πŸ˜€

  12. @sinoth

    Like craig commented to the last post:
    “It will be the final ones, ie we will get 4000 of these overall, but they will arrive in batches.”

  13. This is great. I assume this means the keyboard layout is done. Can we have a picture of that?

  14. Time to assemble the test units and hope that everything works, or its back to stage one of finalization.

  15. i can taste it

  16. i can smell it

  17. I dealt it πŸ˜›

  18. cool πŸ™‚

  19. yay, another step towards holding it in my evil hands :>

    @Andy L April: No, only the boards are ordered and still needs to be put together, keypad and cases are still waiting for the moulds to be ready before they can be created. It still will be some time before the units are ready for shipment. I remember seeing something about late may/early june as estimate.

  20. Well now there will be for sure a FAIL in shipping, or the assembling, delaying a couple of months the delivery.
    I’m not willing this, I’m a preorederer.. but I lost my hope πŸ˜€ let’s laugh on it ^_^

  21. \\o omg! o// omg! \\o omg! o//

    yay! \o/

  22. You guys better pass that CE testing. So, does this change anything?

  23. @Kyo

    I don’t think this changes the guesstimate delivery timeline ED mentioned awhile ago.

    I would still anticipate a June/July Shipment

  24. Once we get the cases, we should all be in business!

    Would love to have this device in my grubby mitts by the end of June!

  25. Anyone else find this funny from the main page of Openpandora.org (note: not yet crossed off the list):
    * Wait for the last remaining pieces for mass production (LATEST deadline is second week of March)

  26. Anyone else terribly frustrated with the blatantly misleading status updates? Reading that you’d think that we’d have our Pandora’s in the near future. Hell, you’d think that means they at least had the cases. Don’t say “All we need to do is put the parts together” when you don’t even have molds for the cases done. How can his twitter update be considered anything but a bold faced lie?

  27. @ Rainking720

    “How can his twitter update be considered anything but a bold faced lie?”

    Its a twitter post, limited to only a few words and lacking the clarity we all would like. From the above posts most are not sure exactly what it means. Hopefully there will be a blog entry to expand on the Twitter entries.

    I feel frustrated at waiting so long, as I am sure many others do. Only two choices wait, ask for your money back.

  28. For clarification, I’m not frustrated about waiting so long at all. I’m happy to wait for a quality product. What’s frustrating is constant “Oh yeah, we’re almost done… really” updates that are all bs. I understand trying to give updates, but if it’s really out of your control (which it appears to be, and they should know this by now), then they should just say as much. The first couple of times the “oops, we really thought we’d be done by now” excuse is valid, but when it’s every few weeks/months that they do it, then they should learn from their mistakes.

  29. I agree with this but I don’t think we can blame them for it entirely either. Most companies give you barely any information, so they can blow deadlines all they want. They, on the other hand, give us info which just ends up in everyone being pissed off.

  30. They’ll have the first 500 built within 5 weeks! and 3500 within 9 weeks going by the “Best case prediction!” So what will the “Worst case prediction be?” I don’t even want to think about that. Doesn’t sound like a lot of time to me or maybe I’m just paranoid of Ed’s prediction since all his last estimates where waaaaaay off πŸ™‚

  31. Unexploded Semantics bomb alert.

  32. remember that boards only is the actual hardware, or thats how I read it. it makes more sense anyway.

  33. I could really do without the ‘Twitter’ updates. It’s been my experience that Twitter works fine for LOLCats to communicate their l33t-abbreviated antics, but if you’re trying to provide updates on a complex production and manufacturing process the forced brevity leaves out a lot of necessary details.

    My own $0.02 anyway.

  34. generally i’ve always taken the roadmap with a pinch of salt. there’s generally a big difference between saying “we hope to get this done by XYZ” and “ABC has now been ordered”. i would be quite a bit more disappointed if it turned out that the latter i.e. the twitter posts were more misleading.

    however i am optimistic that the project is turning a big corner now. really want to see that transparent case and get some news and pictures of the keymats.

  35. I agree with renegadechic about the road-map and the updates, but I think we would be better served by… not essay-grade updates, but certainly longer than ‘twit-length’ updates. I understand that the team has better things to do than spend all their time updating us all on every facet of the project, but at the same time the character length requirements of Twitter prevent the team from telling us what we really need to know.

    Twitter has its uses, but this isn’t it.

  36. June/July?

    At this stage in the game I’m just praying I get it in time for Christmas at least.

  37. does this mean i could have it for my birthday (19/5)?
    i bought it as a present for my _last_ birthday, ahem…

  38. i reckon 19/5 would be kinda optimistic. i expect to see mine within probably 4-6 weeks of the first complete production units. until i am told the board testing is successful, the nubs are done, the cases are done and the keymats are done, i am not really expecting anything at all and unless these are surprised on us, i dont realistically expect these to come along for at least a month. i guess its the same 2 months away thing but the CNC cases and keymats for sure havent shown any signs of completion since what we last heard

  39. @Renegadechic

    I’d have to agree. Six weeks after we see the completed Pandora (The one that has to go to the FCC) is when shipments will start to arrive.

    I hope July everyone will have their Pandora. I expect September for the last Pandora to be delivered though.

  40. … I thought I’d mention that The Professor always announces good news by starting “Terrible news, everyone.” and announced bad news “Good news, everyone.”

    It’s funnier that way anyhow.

  41. I’m expecting it to arrive somewhere around my birthday (July 9th). That’s almost a year after my payment, but who gives a damn. The Pandora will make history! It will be THE proof that a bunch of crazy guys with a nerdy attitude (in the good sense of the word) can make anything they want to. If you believe in something and work for it, then eventually it will become reality.

  42. They are ordering the boards with most of the other parts already at the manufacturing plant. Testing the boards will take a couple of weeks to get it right as they said on the main forums a while back.

    This is all really really really great news people. Any other problems that could spring up will be very minor and hardly delay anything(besides meteor showers).

    It’s the home stretch and the finish line is now in sight for real this time. πŸ™‚

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