Twitter Update: Final Boards Ordering This Week

April 19, 2009

Posted by: PlopperZ

Craig posted this on Twitter:

Final boards are being ordered this week…. 🙂




  1. wOOt! Home stretch finally 😀

  2. GREAT!
    Why in heavens name didn’t he wait till he PLACED the order?
    Who is taking a bet that the ordering will take palce next week because something unforseeable had happend? 🙂

    Well, i am a pessimist after all 😉

  3. I hope we will eventually get a more sentential update.
    Maybe it’s just me that is getting confused but I am not really sure of how many board there are talking about. I guess it is the ~6 final board they want for testing.

    Then there is the transparent case, the CE testing… still lot’s to do I guess but we’re moving froward (or at least that’s what I hope 🙂 )

  4. Very Good News 🙂

  5. anyone know if this is a small sample or the first 500 or so for mass production testing?

  6. It will be the final ones, ie we will get 4000 of these overall, but they will arrive in batches.

  7. Woohoo! Yahoo! Altavista! Google!

    Great news – let’s just hope everything turns up to be OK with those boards… and congrats in advance to the development team for this!

  8. awesome 🙂

    i have my fingers and toes crossed for these final stages running smoothly

  9. I agree with @renegadechic

  10. i hope they don’t have any more misfortunes. but with what we’ve already had…

  11. No more delays plx! I really want too show a couple of friends the Pandora. They don’t realize how good it can be and is!

  12. LastPucho, thanks, you made me laugh….

    Oh, and yeah, great news!!!

  13. So are these officially “MK4”?

  14. I’d also like to ask, “How many boards are being ordered?”

  15. They should probably fix the road map on the op.org website. It says about getting all the components for manufacturing : “(LATEST deadline is second week of March)”

  16. Craig just updated again on twitter:

    Well the boards are ordered, all the parts are ordered (most have arrived) all we have to do now is build these 🙂

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