Video: TV out test with extra MWeston

April 16, 2009
Posted by: gruso

A new video from MWeston, in which a buffet of delicious things are piped to a largish television. Which is lucky for Bruce Campbell. More words from MW:

Notaz has added DSS2 features to latest kernel so I’m trying it out. There are still some issues with the setup and there is some slow down displaying simultaneously to LCD and S-Video output. This is just the first crack at it and the code can only be improved from here.

I can’t seem to find the versions of software that run on the external controls (USB gamepad) by default so I couldn’t get the games playing. Also, this code is not in the GIT yet so it isn’t in the Angstrom package and not too much can be demoed.


Thanks to Balzac2m for the timely tip.



  1. Nice 1! Glad i ordered my TV out. Just bought a 42″ LCD. Looks like i will utilise the svideo after all ;o)

  2. finally a video of tv out! now just need to get tv out controls working (doh!) and thats another area sorted.

  3. Awsome! Great update, thanks!

  4. Nice job.

  5. Nice! Hopefully up to 4-player support via USB gamepads will be available for most emulators (esp. psx & snes) when the launch is happening – can’t wait to just pull out the pandora, it’s tv-cable & the gamepads at a friend’s house for some instant fun.

  6. man, i need to order me a tv out cable when i have some more funds. in fact i can almost see myself pimping out my pandora with all the accessories at some point

  7. Smallest Playstation Eva.
    A W E S O M E

  8. Its not to late to order the Tv Out. Contact openpandorasales@gmail.com with your order number in the subject / or give them a call on + 44(0)191 243 2253: 10am – 4pm (GMT + 1)

  9. Will any s-video cable work with tv-out? I’ve never seen it called ‘tv-out’ so specifically before, with repetition even.

  10. Excellent! Thanks for the update.

  11. Looking mighty fine, especially the Capcom emulator 🙂

    @Nate – You need to buy the special tv-out adaptor that plugs into the Pandora.
    Tv-out’s never really been tested this much before. All the other videos have just shown the Pandora’s screen and sometimes a computer monitor for dev output.

    Great vid, thanx Mr Weston 😀

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  13. @ Nate Will any s-video cable work with tv-out?

    NO, you’ll need there cable 🙂

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  15. Cool. I wish he would have brought up the lights at the end so we could have seen the connection better. Was it connected to the Pandora or to a beagle board or what? Mine was so dim I couldn’t tell.

  16. It’s reasonably clear right at the start, you can actually see the cable plugged in to the board. Might have to wind up your brightness though.

  17. Darn, I didn’t order the TV-Out dongle, hopefully I can order one soon after my Pandora arrives.

  18. You can still order it now…

  19. There’s an “extra MWeston”? Excellent! That’ll speed things up.

  20. I wonder if this little device can handle usb video cards for multi-screen support….

  21. The USB video cards I’ve seen are pretty horrible for anything other than a slide-show.

  22. why is it still hooked into the breakout board?

  23. “why is it still hooked into the breakout board?”

    ^ Wondered the same thing too.

  24. Everything gets sorted out on the dev board first, because it has Jtag and all the other connections that make debugging easier.
    They allow for text output to be viewed on the developers pc, whilst running the software directly on the dev board.

    Don’t worry about it 🙂

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