Twitterix: Nubs pwned, spawn point saved

April 14, 2009
Posted by: gruso

A tweet from Craig:

Looks like the company who designed the nubs has gone tits up, fortunately the moulds are already at the factory. We will deal with it.

Update: Chip has posted a little more detail on the forums:

The design company went under, but the factory remains and can make more nubs whenever we need them. The problem is that although we paid the design company for the first batch of nubs, they never paid the factory. This means we’re going to have to pay for the nubs twice, which really sucks.

Twitter source | Forum discussion

Thanks to Clean3D for the heads up.



  1. U_U

  2. Awesome headline

  3. +2 to Agility for that dodge.

  4. in before comment shitstorm

  5. meh.

  6. I thought the nubs (as in analogs) were getting in the way of production or something ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. So am I right to understand that this is just the design company, not the production company of the nubs we’re talking about? Or so I’m hoping…

  8. It takes guts to share bad news. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It is appreciated.

  9. I hope you negotiated a contract with incremental progress payments, an escrow set up or a financial security.

  10. The update from Chip answered my question. Thanks Chip ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. One more hurdle. Keep going guys!

  12. Thanks for the update… and really sorry about that. Don’t let that put you down guys – keep up the great work.

  13. This recession is going to doom us all. This worries me about the financial stability of OpenPandora ltd.

  14. Does this effect the first batch? I could have sworn I read here that they already had the nubs?

  15. Yep, the first 8,000 nubs have been manufactured already, so this won’t affect the timeline.

  16. And that’s why it’s “Murphy’s Law” and not “Murphy’s Theory.”

    Yeah, I plunked down my cash for the first run. I know that I may be paying for a new Pandora after bugs are worked out.

    I also know that without the early-adopters there might never be another with the bugs worked out, and I like the Pandora concept well enough, it fits all my portable computing needs better than anything else out there.

    Keep on plugging away at it guys.


  17. Man. That sucks. Sorry OP team.

  18. Well that was unexpected, good thing it won’t affect the timeline. Thanks for the update! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. yeah, that’s unfortunate news. Good point, Dauric. I concur.

  20. Jesus, catching a break just isn’t in your vocabulary is it….?

    – Rick

  21. […] Twitterix: Nubs pwned, spawn point saved Posted by: gruso A tweet from Craig: Looks like the company who designed the nubs has gone tits up, fortunately the […] […]

  22. What I’m wondering is where are they getting all this money from. Seriouslly is craig loaded or what?

  23. well he did get approximately 1,320,000 usd from the preorders.

  24. Unfortunately the first batch was already making a loss, so even with all the preorder funds it’s still a kick in the ribs.

  25. Exactly. And even before preorders they were blowing A LOT of money. Money that most people don’t usually have laying around to invest in a hobby or something. Something tells me one of the devs is pretty loaded, got lucky with a large loan, or their is some large looming figure thats been throwing money at the project since the beginning.

  26. Maybe Craig sells WoW gold on the side.

  27. I suppose this is an example of why many/most projects of this size that get this far behind don’t produce. Compounding problems I suppose. It is unfortunate for the devs. I suppose that if any of them are married their spouses have them sleeping on the couch or in the yard. If I ever receive my Pandora, I would consider PPing (not bank transfer, cheque, etc) some love to a recover fund.

  28. I remember Craig saying at one point there was a secret investor in the project – a lot of people assumed it was Texas Instruments.

  29. Oh god I hope they can make it to the finish line.

  30. The secret investor is Bill Gates – we’re all signing up with the devil!!!

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