Wizzley Presto: The 30 Day Game

April 12, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Drawing board to AppStore in 30 days. That’s the challenge being undertaken by craigix, zodttd and Ruckage, who are currently one week into development of their iPhone game Wizzley Presto and the Mysterious Time Machine. And they’re not just doing it for laughs; they’re blogging the entire process for the benefit of interested developers and anyone else who wants to go along for the ride. Once the game is released*, the first person to complete it will land themselves $1000.

Wait – what does an iPhone game have to do with Pandora? Ahh, that’s what rumour tags are for, dear readers. 😉 Keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the Twitterix…

Update: Those who have delved into the 30daygame site will know by now that Wizzley Presto is indeed bound for Pandora. Rumour no more!


*Here we shall make reference to the potential for deadline jokes, so you don’t have to. Saving you time, that’s what we do here.

Thanks to Tripmonkey for the tip.



  1. is it a compitetion vs others to complete the game first? or where is the money for completing the game coming from?

  2. @Krooked

    It’s coming out of tax payers money! And it’s not a competition, more of a challenge the team have given themselves.

  3. Apperently, this is the part of the production of the Pandora where craig cant do anything anymore (MWeston has to test the new CNC parts and tell the mold factories to work). I wish them all good luck

  4. Add this to the blog post:

    The game will be ported to the Pandora ( Craig mentoined that in the text at the youtube vid)

  5. Hey, that blog is great! I mean, they really describe game development from scratch; very interesting, no matter the plataform. Kind of makes me want to try to make a game again ;).

    Good luck guys and thanks for the update.

  6. I wish I had an iphone 😦

  7. So the game is revealed…

    Puzzled me at first why they would let you walk around using both multi-touch and tilt sensors, but I imagine that’ll ease the process of moving gameplay from the iPhone to the Pandora.

    Looks nice!

  8. the development team is kind of like a supergroup… the best minds of the gp2x community, working in tandem to create something that mere mortals can hardly but understand

  9. Wow, It’s an expensive project (if you read the blog, they all have to buy iphones (apart from zodttd), the SDK, and license EdgeLib for $1000, as well as the $1000 dollar prize). Are they just doing it for fun, or are they planning a profit?

    Plus the prize should be a Pandora not $1000 lol

  10. Hmm, how about our finished Pandora’s in 30 days?

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