Battery Cover Revealed

April 6, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

EvilDragon has posted a very sexy picture of the cover for the Pandora battery. It looks like the cover wraps the whole way around, rendering the entire battery black.




  1. What an odd-looking baby.

  2. ya, really looks odd….
    …he played too much pandora

  3. Candidate for the least important update ever?

  4. Kinda agree with Minkal but to me, this is somewhat exciting only because it means we’re a little closer to seeing a release. I’d be really interested in benchmarks for battery life though, if they’re really hurting for some updates.

  5. Nice, but I found a fault. Do not dispose in of fire or water. Is wrong I guess. I never heard of: in of in a combination, but that could be me.

  6. @Mithrildor
    It is correct.
    Make a “define:dispose of” search on google and you’ll see!

  7. What happened to the new ed video with the new emulator, I need my fix 🙂

  8. these Made in China logo looks like a swastika

  9. ‘Butterman’ has a very unorthodox definition of “very sexy picture”.

  10. The thing below “Made in China” looks like water going down the drain.

  11. damn, looks like the battery won’t be made of peanut butter.
    at least they’re shipping with an autistic baby.

  12. The swastika is probably a recycling logo.

  13. @Ryzure
    when i saw pb free i too was very dissapointed.
    no peanut butter 😦

  14. @AndyL

    I found it was sexy, in the sense that I could imagine the entirely black battery being sexy. Given a picture, I suppose I would find any component of the Pandora sexy.

  15. Also, the nifty four-arrows logo seems to indicate to the Taiwanese that the battery should be recycled.


  16. of course, we all must have a smiling baby with it 😛

  17. It’s only a picture, and not very sexy 😉 But it’s nice to see, that the work goes on.

  18. @Ortwin
    Like Andy said, it’s a recycling logo.

  19. its possible to recycle a pandora battery?

    i beg to differ.

    the arrows doesnt point in a circle. they point to one point: death. garbagecans. mother nature.

  20. @tante
    they point inward and outward, the white arrows form black arrows.

    I just blew your mind, didn’t I?

  21. Well, you’re not meant to throw batteries in the trash and I hope you don’t. You’re meant to dispose of them correctly, generally, the chemicals can be recycled.

  22. Wow, Ryzure, You did just blow my mind.

  23. your supposed to use the battery on a sandwich, true recycling

  24. @Ryzure: CANNOT UNSEE
    kinda like the FedEx arrow etc…

  25. Its the recycling logo of taiwan.

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