Craig talks touchscreens

April 3, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Some hands-on feedback from Craig on the forums today:

After having a complete unit for a few days now I can say that using the stylus on the LCD feels completely natural. I actually forgot that people thought there would be an issue with it.

I’ve let a few people have a go on the Pandora, ie non-geeks, and they picked it up and played minesweeper (plus the other built in touch games) without issue.

I think it feels more natural than if the LCD was on the lower half (DS style). I’d be very surprised if anyone had an issue with it. The screen does not move if you push it with the stylus, you would have to push it so hard to do that you would probably damage the LCD before it moved.

All in all I now think the Pandora is even better than we expected, it’s a gadget like no other I’ve ever had, it really is like having a laptop, PDA and games console all in one. The weirdness of messing around on a paint program, typing in terminal and playing Quake all on one system is fantastic. It’s something about being able to go from touch screen to keyboard to game controls, nothing feels forced, it’s all very natural.

You are *REALLY* going to like this.

And then:

The thing I’m most happy about is that I can hand the Pandora to someone and they just know how to use it, that goes a long way to making me very happy about the design 🙂

In summary,




  1. Wow and wow! What a teaser!!!

  2. *foams* I really hope its everything he says it is. It will be so much fun to taunt about this thing when I get to show it everyone who said this was dumb.

  3. Well, I’d be surprised seeing Craig writing different then superlatives about Pandora. However I preordered from start and I’m still eager to get my Pandora. I hope there will be no more unexpected delays.

  4. “Well, I’d be surprised seeing Craig writing different then superlatives about Pandora.”

    Sure, he has to be a little biased, but the team has been quite open all along about problems they have come across, even ones they don’t believe were important. And half of this is just describing outsiders’ reactions, anyway.

  5. I came…

    But seriously, I cannot wait for this to come out, I wish I could purchase one 😦

  6. I purchased one, I can’t wait 🙂

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