New video: Give me land, lots of land…

April 1, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Craig has a complete Pandora prototype, and celebrates with a romantic stroll in the British countryside. Tune in for console size comparisons, more XMMS (media player) action, productivity software including full keyboard use, and an unfortunate sporting injury. Please note that the Comic SansIx font on the keypad is not final.

(Thanks Blendenzo for the media player correction.)




  1. craig has a virtual boy?!?!?!

  2. It’s a handwritten keyboard. Question answered!

  3. My refresh button is magic today.

  4. Great vid! I loved that countryside take… sorry to hear about the injury. Though that proves that the Pandora and your camera (and your leg for that matter) are quite resistent… πŸ˜›

    Bad joke – hope you’re OK. Keep up the good work and the good news. Bye!

    Craig has an infected leg, Pandora delayed one month.

  6. Thank god. I had no idea the size of the pandora until i saw it up against a virtual boy

  7. Pandora is easier to balance on your face, too.

  8. Only fools believe the stuff posted on April 1st…

  9. you have a hairy leg

  10. oooh, that made me want a nice cup of tea

  11. Lol at going outdoors! You’ve shown off one of its best features!

  12. As an American, Craig and ED’s accents are half the fun of these videos πŸ˜€

  13. Gautama: If it’s true, it really isn’t that of an shock to me.

  14. Like it. But for the Browser Part. I’d like to see Fennec, the official portable Firefox to run on the Pandora, as it features (Desktop-)Space saving things very nicely. And it’s done for pen/Touchscreen use.

    Works really great on the mac (to test only) and has a Linux Version

  15. hairly leg, and nice vid otherwise πŸ™‚

  16. Craig sounds so posh!

    I’m guessing he didn’t grow up in Newcastle, I live in Yorkshire and nobody here is nearly as posh-sounding.

  17. Wonderful video indeed! We’re getting closer. I agree with Chris’s comment about the accents. πŸ™‚

    On a technical note, that was XMMS he was using to listen to music, not Mplayer.

  18. ashdjones, why aye man, in my head Craig was a Newci Brown gluggin, toon army tattooed, down to earth, northern humoured, computer geek, I feel like I’ve been lead on (in a non homo way of course)

    Craig, please, next time you make vid at least put on a geordie accent, wear a beer stained flat cap and make sure your hands are thoroughly mucky, dirt under finger nails n all. At least you have hairy legs :)let illusion(dillusion?) continue. Thanks.

  19. […] New video: Give me land, lots of land… Posted by: gruso […]

  20. btw, is that pretty much the final battery in the unit? if so, I would love to see some extensive benchmarking of the battery life on the device.

  21. Pandora + Pet Shop Boys = awesomeness.

    Did you noticed:
    Take the first letter from “Pet shop boys”, add six more characters and you will get “Pandora”. That mustn’t be coincidence!!!

  22. why don’t they use audacious? basically XMMS, skinned (winamp 2.x skins), and appears to have more recent updates…

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