Pandora PSP Emulator

March 29, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

JayFoxRox has posted some information about the PSP emulator he’s working on for the Pandora. It’s currently very early in development, but he already has a few screenshots. He’s aiming to get commercial games running at a reasonable speed and believes it to be very possible. The PSP has a very impressive line up of games, from GTA to LocoRoco, these would definetly be a very welcome addition to my Pandora games library. More screenshots and information at the source!




  1. Very possible? Woah… this I gotta see

  2. hey its not april 1st yet!

  3. Dreamcast, Psp, what the heck! If it keeps this way the question won’t be anymore “why a pandora?” but “why should you ever buy anything else?”

    3 huzzas for the developer!

  4. Is there a realistic way to rip UMDs?

  5. Yeah, you just use your PSP to rip the game off the UMD.

  6. thats bullshit….

    isnt the psp even more powerful then the ps2?

  7. the psp is less powerful than the ps2, not more

  8. why can’t these people use their time more constructively?

    hurp durp

  9. I do not think it will be playable at good speeds for a while, but that does not mean I am loosing faith in it’s ability.

  10. I somehow doubt it’ll be possible to get full speed on a stock 600mhz pandora, unless there’s some magic that can be worked in with the DSP.

  11. I dont see why it isnt possible, esspecially for the whole series of games released before sony unlocked the cpu. All the original games ran on 200mhz i think. Plus there are a lot of games that arent 3d. If i can get patapon or locoroco then its all good. Bitch not my fellow pandorians.

  12. Seriously, why are people already working on PSP and DC when we don’t even have an NES emulator yet??

    There are hundreds of older systems I want to see emulated before those experimental ones, systems that could easily run at fullspeed. Do programmers enjoy the challenge that much? What about PC-Engine, NeoGeo, PC-98, PC-FX, MSX and all of the ones that already ran perfectly on the GP2X?

    With those, people could actually PLAY some games on release day…

  13. This will make the pandora a killer device 🙂 You would need a psp to rip an umd iso(or just bittorrent..). The cool thing is that psp firmwares are all decrypted and decompiled and source is available (at least one of the latest is).
    And yes, psp games are less demanding than the ps2 counterparts due to the very very lower resolution and disk storage (umd is far less capable of a common dvd).
    If someone makes a psp emulator available for the pandora would be the greatest good new ever, unlimited amount of titles and homebrews already available for the psp!
    Then just imagine loco roco with the accelerometers… 🙂

  14. Anon, because most of them can be ported quite easily.

  15. I doubt this emulator will be really useable anytime soon, but it is great, and an impressive job

  16. Why so many naysayers? Hlide has also expressed his opinion that a playable psp emulator is possible on the Pandora. If respected, experienced devs say its possible, I’m inclined to believe them.

    Keep up the great work, JayFoxRox, this would truly be epic for the Pandora. Sales would go through the roof!

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