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March 29, 2009
Posted by: gruso

EvilDragon has posted a new entry on the official blog.


Sorry for so little news during the last days, I did have very busy times.

I quit my job, so from April 1st, I’ve got more time for Pandora and my other job (which is TV commercial production).
However, this means I got more to do during the last week, as somebody needs to take on my old job.

Well, anyways, back to Pandora stuff. I received three new ribbon cables from Michael on last Monday but didn’t have time until today to rebuild my Pandora devboard and put it into the case. But, it works now. So (except for the keymat I’m still missing), I also got working board in a case now.

I hope I’ll find some time making a nice little HD video with Quake 3 and some other new emulator (you’ll like it) during the next days. You will also get to see a more finger-friendly matchbox-theme I designed. Give me some time, though, still got a lot of work in real life.

Now, onto some other issue you already heard on the boards: The case. You’ve seen it and you read it, it fits quite good (better than we expected) – but not PERFECT. There is SOME stuff to be fixed, but nothing that major. We don’t want to deliver a non-perfect case to you, though (and I’m sure you all agree), so we’ll work on it for the next few days.

I’ll also post the final keymap for you soon, so stay tuned – and thanks a lot for being so patient.



  1. I wish we had some kind of date (besides April 1!)… Anything at all…

    Anyways, I can’t wait for the new video. Keymap posting will cause chaos, though.

  2. Also can’t wait for the new video here. Things finally feel like they’re coming to a close which is good πŸ™‚ Especially can’t wait to see a truly final Pandora with the final keyboard and all.

  3. You want a date? How about November 2008? And the one before that I can’t recall at the moment? Those are the reason you won’t see a date again until the first Pandoras start rolling of the production line.

    For the emulator, nothing short of Shenmue can awe me, although seeing a PS game played with the analog controls would be nice.

  4. yeah, with shiny buttons πŸ™‚

    So is it that ED had 3 jobs…?
    very busy…

  5. Hey, if they have all of the components except the case, I’ll take mine that way with a case to be shipped later πŸ˜›

  6. Lets hope the end of april wasn’t a little too optimistic by Ed These videos are all well and good but I’m getting a little bored of all this waiting. I’d rather see a few more of the “To do” list ticked off than another Quake 1,2,3 video. Lets hope we can snatch a few extra days back now Ed’s got more time on his hands. I just want my postman to knock with a parcel from Open Pandora then I’ll be happy again. Keep up the good work guys πŸ™‚

  7. You’re probably aware of this Puppydee, but I’ll point it out anyway (for the benefit of all).

    Pickle making Quake videos (or any game developer giving us updates) has no bearing on Pandora’s timeline. The hardware is in the hands of the core dev team (MW, ED, MFK, Craig etc). While all that happens, guys like Pickle can pretty much do things at their own pace, and kindly upload the occasional new vid. πŸ™‚

    Fair enough if you’re just sick of Quake though. More news on -other- games coming today & tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

  8. Goddamn. I’m so off my game. I see stuff and I don’t even think about posting it.

  9. Oh, i forgot to comment on the actual post. ED has 3 jobs? More if you count running his websites, too, I guess. anyway, the case thing should cause more delays. i still hope end of april.

  10. hum
    “Now, onto some other issue you already heard on the boards: The case. You’ve seen it and you read it, it fits quite good (better than we expected) – but not PERFECT. There is SOME stuff to be fixed, but nothing that major. We don’t want to deliver a non-perfect case to you, though (and I’m sure you all agree), so we’ll work on it for the next few days.”

    does that mean new prototype, shipping, delayed mass production and delayed CE tests? because just letting slipping this at the end of a whole good information seems quite bad to me…

  11. I’m getting bored.

  12. mmm more delays, this is the priciest amateur soap opera i have ever sponsored (by amateur i mean cardboard walls that wobble and piss poor acting).

  13. End of April delivery seems almost impossible knowing that a lot of things still need to happen, all we can do is hope now that ED has more time it will speed up things and that we get our Pandora’s delivered on our doorsteps soon πŸ™‚

  14. Meh, I’m expecting it by summer time. It seems that with each step, there’s a delay. I still expect though that there will be nothing else that comes close in terms of power/functionality when it’s released.

    Oh yeah, enough quake, let’s see some DOOM!! haha (was only half joking. Doom 1 and 2 were fun games. Also Duke3d multiplayer was the best.)

  15. ……………………………
    what? did something happen? no? nothing?
    going back to sleep

  16. I will start to get annoyed with the delays only when I read a blog post titled “Duke Nukem Forever on Pandora video!”.

  17. I dont think those delays are a big problem. This needed to happen and Im happy it will ship with good case instead of a bad one. I just hope Iget my pandora before 25 June, my bday.

  18. So, I suppose all hope of an April ship-out is pretty much out the window?

    How did they *ever* expect to do all this in a single month and half, last October?

  19. April? Yes. Year? Who knows.

  20. @AndyL
    They probably never expected to make it in a single month and a half. But think about it, Β£800000 with a regular interest rate can make you earn a lot of money. You remember the period when nothing happened and when there was no communication from the team whatsoever? they probably made easy Β£50000….

  21. As an engineer who has worked on many development programs, let me tell you, the delays that are happening are typical. The guys are doing the best they can with limited time and resources, so just be PATIENT!
    Do you want it now, or do you want it RIGHT?

  22. There’s a reason it’s Murphy’s Law and not Murphy’s Theory. Big companies like Sony and Microsoft get reamed for year(s) long delays all the time, and they actually have massive resources and alternate revenue streams behind them. This is the garage-dev equivalent to manufacturing high-end electronics. No-one else, even the big manufacturers, is even -trying- to build something this complete in a portable package, show ’em some love.

    All things considered I’m not so unrealistic as to be hanging on their every vague twitch with anticipation of a firm release date, but I’m interested enough to keep up with their progress.

  23. Rob is right. After waiting this long, it would be foolish to rush the final process and end up with a device with issues.

    Having said that, the delays are starting to burn holes in my brain. The goggles, they do nothing!

  24. April was impossible quite some time ago. On current appraisal of what little there is to go on, June would be a surprise.

  25. yes, delay are normal, but this device is not so cuting edge anymore… actually the main advantage for the pandora is not it’s computational power, but its gaming control… I’m starting to worry that i might end with something quite outdated the time it will finally be out…

  26. I was not implying that they should rush anything.

    I was just marveling that they had originally intended to go from pre-orders to ship out in FORTY DAYS.
    There’s probably more than forty days left starting right now.

  27. I’m not so certain that I agree with the idea that it’s not “so cutting edge anymore”.

    For the neighborhood of 400$ (after shipping and accessories) You’re getting a complete game system with a nearly full dual analog game-pad setup, something no portable device has done yet, with touchscreen (that alone will run you an extra $400 on a netbook) running Linux so you have full PDA capability with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an actual keyboard (which saves on screen-protectors), a ten hour battery life that puts most every netbook to shame, quadruple the internal storage of the PSP with apparently all the power, MP3 player, and most importantly:

    All this fits in -ONE- pocket.

    Sure it’s not going to bench-test that great against a top-of-the-line laptop, or even a comparably priced netbook, but neither of those fit comfortably in your pocket for all those times you find yourself waiting in line, or in an office, or get an idea that you need to write down, or need to add something to tomorrow’s shopping list, or just have half an hour to kill and not enough time to get home…

    And you can play great games with a good controller setup, instead of tilting the device to play a flight simulator that only simulates the recent Hudson River Crash (that iPhone ‘app’ was all the rage in my office at the end of last week)….

  28. For the Pandora to be compared to PSP or even NDS, it needs to get a commercial game base of at least 100 games. It might have gaming controls but at the moment it’s an emulation machine for pure nostalgia fans. It’s most distinguishing property at the moment is battery life. NVIDIA’s Tegra platform is promising equal or better battery life. Pandora’s specs may still be good but it’s not unique any more.

  29. The specifications for Pandora were never a breathtaking technological marvel. They’re *good* but, that was never the point.

    The point is a handheld device that can be used for both games and real applications, that runs Linux and can fit in a pocket.
    Designed and made by people who actually use this sort of stuff.
    And completely free of DRM or content control! (a rarity nowadays.)

    I can’t see something like that ever coming from the mainstream consumer electronics establishment.

    That’s why _I’m_ willing to wait.

  30. hold on, hold on, everybody gets excited about the supposedly 10 hours battery life but nobody has seen it in action. Buy any laptop who says “4 hours battery life” on the paper and you’ll be lucky if it actually lasts 3. so before taking position on the characteristic, wait and see…

  31. […] Official Blog: Time After Time Posted by: gruso EvilDragon has posted a new entry on the official blog. Hiya! Sorry for so little news during the last […] […]

  32. > “remember the period when nothing happened and when there was no communication from the team whatsoever? they probably made easy Β£50000…”

    TT, please try to refrain from posting such ludicrous garbage. You’re welcome to your negative opinion of the project. You’re even welcome to keep hanging around being an irritant depsite having cancelled your preorder. As long as I’m welcome to point out when you’re being a complete dick. This is one such time.

  33. tt: they ran a SNES emu w/ sound @ 500mhz a while back and it got an easy 8 hrs. I don’t think it was frame limited either (so running at 100% cpu?) 10 hrs with a slightly underclocked CPU or not full utilization is not unrealistic at all. I suspect if you are just using word processing apps and such, you’ll probably get more than 10 hrs.

  34. gruso, no part of that comment is garbage. There was (still is? don’t know if all the components are ordered) a sizable time gap between the preorders and the money being spent for the components. It’s stupid to think the money just sat there without being invested in some short-term financial venue.

    Now, whether the delays are the result of malicious intent is a question up in the air. I don’t think it is, just the result of extreme amateurism. But you can’t blame those who think otherwise.

  35. That sizeable time gap started with most of the money being sent back to customers. Then it trickled back in slowly – some of it is still coming back in. All the while, money was being spent on development – and thousands upon thousands had already been spent in the year or so leading up to preorders.

    I know what you’re saying; if a business has a few hundred k in the hand, Finance 101 says it should be put to work effectively. But that’s a world away from implying that they sat back and stalled things so they could rake in some interest. The Pandora devs have their own houses, their very arses on the line for this project. They’re making a loss on the first batch. Accusations like this are 100% garbage, and offensive.

  36. I wonder why tt and nameless still post. I think that they actually secretly believe in this project, lol. If I ACTUALLY wasn’t interested, I’d just stop reading the blog posts and as a result, stop posting comments.

    Even if it’s not the most powerful, one of the other most compelling points is that this is going to be an open device, which means you’ll be able to do whatever the heck you want with it, viewing pdf’s, watching videos(without limit to what kind of codecs you use!) gaming, word processing, skype etc. You won’t have any limit to what you can and can’t install, what you can and can’t do, or what you can and can’t code. The bonus is most of that you could even do free of charge.

    My reasons for wanting the pandora aren’t even limited to that. When the tegra devices do come out, see if you could say all or even most of what I stated in the last paragraph. I suspect the hardware will be integrated into phones and the like, with some company behind it overseeing what can and can’t run on it.

    Still, I suspect you guys already know that, which is why you’re keeping your eyes glued to this website as much as I am. So keep posting away, I know the truth, that you’re a fellow pandora fanatic. πŸ™‚

  37. I don’t BELIEVE in the Pandora. Come on, this is not a religion! I like the specs, if they can survive and come out with a good product at a decent price I’ll buy it. I thought hard about pre-ordering and decided not to, which turned aout to be a very good decision.

    Oh, and the Pandora is NOT an open device. Not more open than the WM and Android systems anyway, which is what Tegra devices will be using. Seriously, I can do everything you listed on my current WM device AND program for it with free tools. Even the resolution matches and it has a hardware keyboard. I’m currently slooowly building a simple SDL game with future Pandora compatibility in mind (although my hardware keyboard has some compatibility issues with SDL).

    USA seems to have a very large percent of its mobiles application and service provider locked. This is not the case in other parts of the world.

    Liking something doesn’t have to mean you become a zealot who refuses to see the obvious. The delays are very annoying and most excuses become moot after you start taking money from people.

  38. I suspect Armando has a point.

    Sorry guys, closing comments on this one now. I just want to remind people to be wary of misinformation in the blog comments, and visit the forums for official answers. Out here on the blog, we’re just shouting at the sky. πŸ™‚

  39. Since it appears to have been deleted from the new post, it looks like you got your wish, Laurens. Aren’t the mods original?

    [edit by “mod”: Comments were closed on the Duke Nukem post as part of the hint that it was fake. Your comment got in too quickly, apologies for deleting it. This one got in right before the lock too. πŸ˜€ And yes, I got the idea for that post as soon as I saw Duke Nukem mentioned here. That was part of the joke. Lighten up dude… -gruso]

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