Quake 2 gameplay with keyboard & mouse

March 26, 2009
Posted by: gruso

If you’ve just landed here because you saw the word Quake trickle through your RSS tubes, you might have thought to yourself, do we need another Quake video? Well, there are two answers to that. First, it’s never a matter of need. Second, if Pickle takes some time out to throw together a new video, there’s not a frog’s chance on Stroggos that we’re going to complain. This time around we get a nice chunk of intro, and some snappy keyboard & mouse gameplay for the desktop purists.

You may notice some familiar graphical glitches, such as the desktop flickering into view here and there. This is not a Quake issue but a framebuffer issue, a minor wrinkle that the kernel guys have on their ironing list. So cast any concerns aside and enjoy all 110Mhz of SGX-rated action.




  1. woo

  2. I love him! (in a _heterosexual_ way)

  3. This is the kind of video that gets me excited. (in a _heterosexual_ way)


  4. That framebuffer bug needs to die quickly. It’s been on every single demnostration video. Little details like that could cost a lot of sales.

  5. Really? that got me excited in a steamy gay incredibly homosexual way actually.

  6. The FB flicker is not a bug.
    I should have run the program with X server stopped.
    I plan to add code to get the screen from X, which will also remove the flicker.

  7. I hope the next video shows support for the built-in analog controls, keyboard and mouse support is great, but it’s a bit inconvenient when I’m on the go. Great video though.

  8. Great port…

  9. Many thanks Pickle, looking mighty fine 🙂

  10. These videos are great, but I hope the audio is being compressed and sounds a little better in real life. If not, I guess I will use headphones.

  11. The audio is probably compressed a bit by Youtube, and Pickle’s camera mic picks up a lot of dead noise. I’m sure it sounds much better on the actual Pandora. But hey, Q2 did come out like in 97, so it wasn’t the best then anyway…

  12. Sound is fine in real life, there a bunch of reasons it could sound bad
    1. Im using crappy headphones as speakers, will the volume turned up high
    2. Recorded by a camera
    3. Compressed to Mpeg4 by me (I have to minimize the size, my upload rate is pathetic)
    4. Transcoded again by youtube to flash

    As for controls, I will be getting nubs soon, mouse and keyboard is all I have to work with at the moment.

  13. “Really? that got me excited in a steamy gay incredibly homosexual way actually.”

    Well… hellollo there..

    Er… I mean… great vid :P.

  14. The flashing video gives me a seizure (in a steamy, epileptic sort of way). Thanks pickle. Keep up the good work.

  15. i think this is the first demonstration video i have seen with someone actually trying to play the game…. great jorb!

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