Final Pre-Order Deadline

March 25, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Chip has posted as final dead line for pre-orders at April 1st. Yes, this is the 3rd or 4th “final deadline”, but Chip assures us that if you haven’t paid for your pre-order yet you lose it. Which leads us on to the fact that if you’re still wanting a Pandora, you can get one very soon, apparently there are about 300 un-paid for Pandoras. Hurrah for you, good sir! Just keep an eye out on this blog for information about ordering one those Pandoras!

There are a bunch of people who have contacted us saying they wanted to reorder but still haven’t paid. We’re basically cutting them off on April 1 (they’ve had a couple months) and opening up those units for pre-order.

If you’ve pre-ordered a Pandora but haven’t paid yet, now is the time to do it.

If you want to get in on the first batch but thought you were too late, there will be somewhere between 100-300 units available for pre-order in about a week.

There will be an announcement made here once we’re ready to accept pre-orders for those units. We may send out emails to the next batch of people on the mailing list as well. It depends on how fast the pre-orders go.




  1. Its good to know they managed to recover all but 300 of the pre-orders. That or they reduced the amount of first batch Pandoras.

    Either way, a solid deadline like this is another step forward.

  2. Actually. Alot of the original pre-orders cancelled, these are the ones that are yet to cancel or pay.

  3. wow, I thought there would be a little bit more people that have not payed(though I don’t know the count for people that don’t want it anymore)

  4. April 1? Come on, why not 2?

  5. ugh. what about amex people? are we still covered?

  6. ‘April 1st’ – bad choice

  7. Xian Long – I would assume nothing has changed in that area, ie. your orders will be honoured. Best bet is to jump into the forum link and ask Chip.

  8. It’s interesting to note that I’ve yet to receive any emails from OP at all (other than replies to queries I’ve sent). Given that I only found out about the re-ordering process from the forums at GP32X, and that not all pre-orderers will be reading GP32X, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that there’s a chunk of people out there that think their order is safe, when in fact they’ve been refunded – and that they haven’t in fact received any notification about this from OP.

    I wonder if they’re going to be pissed off? And how many people fall into this category?

    I never noticed that my CC had been refunded – for some reason BarclayCard kept it very quiet indeed.

  9. Yawn!

  10. this is hilarious. Once the pandora is released (lol), I’m gonna seriously miss that kind of news.

  11. April Fools!

    On a more serious note, why do they keep announcing this? I honestly thought that this had been decided and taken care of with some finality a couple of weeks ago. But, I had my order in and paid for a while ago, so I don’t really care too much, just don’t want to see them getting hung up on this sort of thing.

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