SANFT! (Suggest A Name For TINCS!)

March 23, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Do recursive acronyms have you reaching for your rifle? Then it’s your lucky day, punk. The game currently known under the working title TINCS (TINCS Is Not CounterStrike), headed by Butterman, has reached the naming stage and in true TINCS style it’s being put out to the community. In recent weeks, forum members have voted on both artistic style and back story (congratulations to Muzz and Dutch Cap, respectively). Now Pandora’s first fully home-brewed online FPS is throwing a naming party, and everyone’s invited. Dutch Cap’s complete text and more of Muzz’s concept art await you after the break.


Despite massive protests, in 2050 the first commercial non-medical cyber enhancements became available. The rich could now have their senses, muscles and even their brains enhanced to superhuman levels.

The corporations that had first developed the cyborg enhancements for the military, jealously guarded their secrets. Whoever controlled the technology stood to make a lot of money. A new class of people emerged. While cyber enhancements became more affordable, it was still out of the poor man’s reach. As the rich got stronger, smarter and richer, the divide between rich and poor widened.

Outraged by this social injustice, groups of scientists and gifted hackers got together to develop their own implants. Their cyber enhancements had to be open, affordable and available to anyone. Their early designs were awkward to use and required a lot of technical knowledge. After a few years their enhancements became usable to the average person, though. Moreover, they could be produced by the 3D printers that most households already owned.

While their cyber enhancements were still very much superior, the corporations were starting to feel the surging competition from open alternatives. To compete, they started giving away their implants. Those who took the deal soon found there was a catch, though. They were completely dependent on the corporations for support and maintenance of their cyber enhancements. Switching to open technologies was contractually prohibited and dangerous by design. Their bodies were now owned by the corporations, essentially making them servants, or worse: slaves.

This is when the war started. Radical factions of the open cyber enhancement movement started blowing up corporate buildings. They started liberating people, illegally replacing their commercial enhancements with open ones. The corporations pushed governments to use the terrorist scare to enact repressive measures. As the conflict deepened, anybody in the open cyber enhancement movement was in danger of being arrested and detained without trial.

Pretty soon all-out civil war erupted. In a desperate move to keep control, the government started to force people to be enhanced. At first there were rumours. Supposedly, strong opponents of implants were suddenly enhanced and happy about it. Of course most people didn’t believe any of it, not until the mobile upgrade units started rolling in. Those who didn’t flee lined up in the streets. Many looked terrified as they entered the giant machines, but all of them were overjoyed when they came out as cyborgs.

And there you have it; the creative beginnings of [insert name here]. Remember, what you have just read is not a plot as such. There will be no single player missions, therefore no storyline. There will be no single player campaign at launch, although it has not been ruled out. The back story and concept art serve as a starting point for game environments, character types, and weapon design. The foundations have been laid, now baby needs a name. Go!



  1. I was real excited about the whole thing, until I saw the line: “There will be no single player missions.” There are loads of open/free games out there, that have great multiplayer, but no campaign mode/single player mode. (Teeworlds, Warsow…) COME ON! I mean, this may sound bad, but sometimes we just want to play with ourselves!!

    That said, the game still sounds pretty fun, and I like the graphical direction…

  2. a few suggestions
    Urban Warfare 2050
    GPL borgs Vs Eula Borgs (stupid but funny)

  3. What about ‘Pan’s People’?


  4. bingo butt blasters

  5. Definately not TINCS – sounds far too cutesy.
    I’m not creative enough to come up with something good though (but I do know when something sounds naff or contrived!)

  6. How about OPWars (openpandora wars)?

  7. How about “Norph” for a name …

    Really looking forward to this one !

  8. @Ray: I’m sure there will be many single player fps homebrew games to be developed soon.Nothing to worry about :D.Also I like “Norph” as a title and “Openborgs”.

  9. Hey guys.

    Glad to see you are looking forward to this, ill try and keep your expectations upheld on my side :).

    Ill throw the name idea i put out earlier.


    To the uninitiated it means “lean, angular and bony; haggard, drawn and emaciated; bleak, barren and desolate”

  10. ‘Ochlocracy’

  11. Ray: I hope the game would be relatively easy to mod, then maybe someone could make a campaign based on the back story

  12. – “iWars”, as in implant wars
    – “OpenPandora”, referring to the proverbial pandora’s box opened with the open implants
    – “implant”, for obvious reasons
    – “Homo Superior”, would make juveniles giggle, but fits
    – “rEvolution”, referring to the implants revolutionary in the evolutionary process, and the “open implant revolutionary” aspect of the story

  13. – “(Operation) Open Warfare” – (O)OW? Well, sounds too much like large landscapes, doesn’t it? 😀
    – “Pan-dormant consequences” – PDC? 😛
    – “Game without a name” – GWAN. (to show it’s about the game and its idea, not about a name/brand) 😉
    – “War of the Calypso” (calyptein means like “to hide”, I think, just in case it’s a campers’ game :P)
    – “Pyrrhan Combat” – the daughter/child of Pandora, the only survivor (with her husband) after the great deluge
    – “(Modernes) Überleben” – could mean “(modern) survival” (sur = over = über, vive = live = leben) as well as a “higher kind of living” (like Mensch (human) becomes Übermensch (overman, superman)). The initials “mü” would sound like (old) Greek “µ”.

    Damn, really have no other ideas, sorry 🙂

  14. Err, little correction to the last proposal: it’s rather “higher kind of life” (leben = to live, Leben = life) than “~ living”. So it fits more or less to the mentioned “superhumans”, I believe 🙂

    “Modern Überleben” would work as well, but it’d mean “to survive the modern way (modernly?).”

    By the way, couldn’t choke laughter when I read this title. “Sanft” means gentle, soft and mild. 😀

  15. Cool new backstory, but wait a minute… I thought this was TINCS, not Deus Ex

  16. Oh, wait, nevermind, it’s actually Dystopia

  17. “The Opener”

  18. why no single player? I mean why not put a real story into it, not just a briefing..

  19. Cyber|Knights


  20. Thanks Gruso, this will not be forgotten :D.

    I really like some of these names, Norph, Gaunt, Ochlocracy. Modern Überleben is good, but I’m not sure about having a German name. Anyway, if anybody wants to flesh out any of the names, or add their own. It’s under name ideas here:


    Also, we never said we’re not having a single-player story just that it’s not currently planned, we’ve got more important stuff to be worrying about right now. It would be foolish to build an engine ground up for the panda like this and not release a single-player game.

    PV, I’ve made all of the Dystopia/Deus Ex jokes already. Personally, I think this is much, much more like Deus Ex than Dystopia. Well, Dystopia was heavily based on Deus Ex…

    Anyway, don’t you worry, the final product will be nothing like either games. It’s going to fucking kick their asses.

  21. The Uprising

    PanOps: The Uprising

  22. How about “Cryfle”? I know, it’s lame but.. Just a suggestion.

  23. P.U.N.K. or PUNK? (“Pandora Urban Neuron Killer”*) Or even CyberPUNK. 🙂

    (*”Neuron killer” as a synonym for a FPS. :D)

  24. EDMC (Evil Dragon meets community)

  25. The story’s funny. Gnuwars would be a fitting name, but it would create confusion. And it sounds bad.

  26. Buttermann: I don’t know either. For a German, “Modernes Überleben” sounds also pretty strange as a name for a game.

    It’s just that I thought of a logo/symbol and I immediatly “found” the µ on my keyboard. So I googled and found out that it was pronounced [mi] in new Greek and [mY] in old Greek.

    And since the Pandora has go to the with the ancient Greek mythology, I sticked on the latter pronounciation.

    The “Y”-sound appears nowadays in French as U and in German as Ü (and some other “smaller” European languages). And due my lack of the French language and the “overuse” of “über” of an American friend of mine, I just made up “Modernes Überleben” which can have two meanings (survival and super-/overlife) and which initials would sound like µ.

    But as I said, if I say to someone (German) that I’m going to play “Modernes Überleben”, he’ll look extremly weird in my face. 😀

  27. […] SANFT! (Suggest A Name For TINCS!) Posted by: gruso […]

  28. Quake 5 😛

  29. How about STINCS
    Super This Is Not Counter Strike?

  30. New Cause of War

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