A finger, a case and boring stuff

March 23, 2009
Progress is being made, as ED posted the following on the blog:
So, what has happened during the last days, you might ask?
Well, besides me starting to make the Pandora Matchbox theme to be more finger-compatible (so you can use it without stylus), Michael finally got his case and he began to assemble it properly.

I also had to do a lot of boring stuff… finding out a lot of the legal stuff and doing phone calls.

If you’re not interested in legal mumbojumbo, you can skip the rest of this blog entry.

Have you ever thought about how complicated it would be selling a battery within Europe? Firstly, you need to make sure nothing serious can happen… and if there are any special infos about how it has to be wrapped up. A lot of phone calls were needed to find out anything about that, as nobody seems to know much about that – not even the guys that are supposed to check if everything is fine. Well, I found everything I need to know. Even if some stuff is weird. Even the size of the “don’t-throw-it-away”-icon on the battery has to be correct…
Another thing about the batteries is that you actually need to take care about the recycling… I did also take care about that.

Similar stuff for the Pandora itself: Recycling is something that needs to be taken care of… that’s fun, eh?

Anyways, after those boring legal stuff, back to the really important things now: Finishing the Pandora and the OS!



  1. who would recycle a pandora?

  2. I suppose if a killer-robot zapped your house and your Pandora got melted into an unidentifiable blob, then you *might* need to recycle it… Anyway, it’s good to hear that the Pandora won’t be stopped by some odd battery mishap or whatnot.

    Great news on the OS and case, too!

  3. I think it’s more of a concern that someone might try to improperly dispose of a battery…keep in mind that these things store a lot of energy, and lithium fires are nasty things.

  4. well hopefully the legal stuff is over now

  5. “who would recycle a pandora?”
    Someone who lives ten years in the future.

  6. Glad to hear everything worked out.

    @clean3D – Recycle it? That would make a really nifty paper weight.

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