Ebony and ivory

March 21, 2009
Posted by: gruso


There’s no hiding on this internet. Wherever a Pandora dev has a chunk of webspace, you can bet someone’s in the wings hitting F5. Forum member Vorporeal has turned up this tasty teaser in a certain Canadian’s online photo album, which appears to have been snapped and uploaded in the past day. These CNC cases may still be missing some small parts as mentioned by MWeston the other day, so it’s probably a little to soon to get excited about an impending video. In any case, it’s a nice little snapshot of Pandora’s evolution to date, and couldn’t not be shared.



  1. I think white is more attractive. Maybe we’ll see a few color choices if Pandora makes it to the third batch?

  2. It’d be incredible if they sold replacement cases.
    New colours. Just unscrew the old case and put the new one on.
    That’d be great

  3. Yay! MWeston just told us he has all parts:

    Hey there.

    Yes prototypes arrived yesterday. Friday was the day I predicted. Apparently customs hung on to the package an extra day and opened it up for inspection. I guess they needed a sneak peak at Pandora before everyone else. tongue.gif

    I have pages and pages of design changes and specifications to verify with the case before I actually put it together and use it. That will take a bit of time first. On video it won’t look much different than the black case, perhaps less crunching of the battery door. wink.gif

  4. That matte black is really cool and looks like it would resist scratching.

  5. MWeston has all the parts and stated he can run the pandora onl with the battery.
    I expect more videos this weekend (that’s my opinon he didn’t say he will upload them).

  6. So, will the finals be smoother? I know that’s what gruso said (back in January), but I’m just making sure.

  7. Oh wait, the top one is an FDM?

  8. The black one is obviously made on an FDM machine, while the white I assume is the CNC case, which is why it looks a hell of a lot smoother than the black one.
    I assume he took a photo of both together to highlight the differences between each type of prototype.

  9. […] Ebony and ivory Posted by: gruso […]

  10. Sorry all, I probably should have explained more for those who haven’t been obsessively tracking the prototypes.

    At top right is the earliest FDM (rapid prototype). To the left is a later FDM, you can see they’ve added the logo and the lid is more shaped.

    The bottom two are the more recent (and much more refined) CNC milled prototypes. These are white simply because that’s the material they use for CNC milling.

    The mass produced Pandoras will be injection moulded, smooth, perhaps shiny (we don’t know yet), and of course black.

    I figure he just took the picture for posterity… and a little sentimentality. In the album it’s titled “All my children.” 🙂

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