Pandora Pool Panic: beta release for Windows

March 17, 2009
Posted by: gruso


No relation to PandoraPanic, this little game was born on the GP2x as Pool Panic, and is now making the move to Pandora. Game author Unfathomable Depths, who (in our mind’s eye) hacks away at code in between slinging darts and downing pints, is even hinting at this becoming an online multiplayer game. It’s an early release, still packing some leftover low-res GP2X graphics, but the barmy tunes alone make it worth checking out. Rack ’em up then son, mugs away.

Source (read through the thread to make sure you’re getting the latest build)



  1. Cheers Gruso šŸ™‚ Fixed the original URL so it points to the latest version.

  2. ported from arm-linux to x86-windows instead of x86-linux? what?

    is it open? although linux users deserve to be supported properly, not having to compile manually…

  3. Try: Written in Windows, then compiled for GP2X + Pandora.

    Can’t you use WINE?

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