New Video: MPlayer, Picodrive, Quake 1 And Battle For Wesnoth

March 17, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

EvilDragon has uploaded a new video, he demonstrates MPlayer, Picodrive, Quake 1 and Battle For Wesnoth. He also shows working d-pad support in Picodrive and Quake 1.

MPlayer is looking very, very sharp.




  1. ED saves the day. šŸ˜€ I love that perspex devboard.

  2. The screen looks even better when playing video, than it did with the games šŸ˜€

  3. This is beautiful! Thankyou

  4. is he still using the wiz d-pad?

  5. Surprisingly, my favorite part was ED saying: “Whoops, I’m dead.” Something about that just cracks me up. šŸ™‚

  6. Outstanding…now THAT is the Pandora I’ve been looking for! Nicely edited too, kept it moving.

    The blurring of the Quake, I was like WTF, but then he explained. šŸ™‚ Nice vid!

  7. LOL at the wiz d-pad. I’ll bet that makes GPH happy!

  8. I liked the part with the wallpaper the most šŸ˜‰

  9. Make a video with MPlayer playing this:


  10. i’d like to see how much cpu does mplayer consume while playing some movies just to see how fast is it =D

  11. Thank you ED
    Cool video
    The screen looks much more bright than what I expected

  12. Wow , so awesome. This + CNC case really shows what the pandora is. Its really nice ED maked that perspex plate behind it. It was annoying in the older vids that the screen shaked because he holded it in his hand. But now all his vids are really awesome in HD.

    @EvilDragon: WOOOOOOOOOT, it really looks awesome. But could you do 3 things for me:
    1. Post a link to the trailer you showed us (want to see how it plays on my PC)
    2. Post the average FPS of that vid, wesnoth and quake
    3. Show us a trailer of a real movie on it.


  13. ED posted a link to the original trailer on the forums:


  14. It’s a really beautiful screen. Can’t wait. (But have to)

  15. So awesome. It would be cool if someone made a utility that let us make the nubs act like joysticks or a mouse, depending on the program that’s active. That would make it easier for older first person shooters like quake that weren’t originally coded for such controls to work easily and effectively without having to put new code into the ports.

  16. lMAO, parental look in Q1 when fraging

  17. Great!! šŸ™‚

  18. It was very nice, with one caveat: animation is the easiest kind of video for an encoder to handle. Even on the Nokia N8x0 with its serious limitations in video hardware, animation can usually be played at close to the full resolution of the screen. Action-type movies OTOH tend to struggle at 400*240 (quarter resolution) even at modest bitrates (512 kbps and sometimes even below that).

    I’m not saying Pandora is limited in the same way, only that perhaps another choice of video might have convinced me even more.

  19. […] New Video: MPlayer, Picodrive, Quake 1 And Battle For Wesnoth Posted by: Butterman EvilDragon has uploaded a new video, he demonstrates MPlayer, Picodrive, Quake 1 and Battle For […] […]

  20. ED should wrap his fingers in tin foil so he can type on that thing.

  21. @Karel Jansens
    Thats interesting… I’d say for now it may have that issue (IIRC the last video posted showing mplayer couldn’t even scale the video because it would be too slow) but I doubt it will remain a problem for long…

  22. I DO like this video :p

  23. I want one so bad.

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