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March 17, 2009
Posted by: gruso


We were hoping to hear that Michael “MWeston” Weston had his CNC case by now, but alas, the perils of intercontinental product design have once again left us up shipping creek without a Pandora. It’s a mere matter of days though, nothing new or dramatic there. Touch wood, Michael will have all his white bits together next week.

And just as every cloud has a silver lining, every speedhump has a shiny Pickle. The upside of all this is that Pickle now has an extra week up his sleeve to nail down the Quake control mapping, which if done in time, will allow Michael to demo Pandora’s full gaming controls in all their glory. We’ll drink to that.


…and for good measure, another tidbit from MW for the hardware hackers out there. Pasting it all here would get a bit messy, so jump into the source thread linked above, read post #109 for RajTakhar’s lid question, and then post #115 for MWeston’s response. If you think you’re hardcore enough to install logo backlighting or a giant red panic button in Pandora’s lid, this little design allowance is for you.



  1. ohnoes its a wittle pwuppy

  2. Looking forward to seeing the completed unit, complete with Quake + stick usage of course 😀

  3. Damn continental drift!


  5. what the shit is there problem with all the delays?

  6. There problem is that they live in different countries to each other, which means that some times things take a lot longer to do than if they all worked within the same building.

    If a company they order parts from forgets to ship something to them, there isn’t a great deal that they can do about it except wait.

    Add the fact that they also have jobs and regular lives and I think they have done an amazing job so far.

  7. i’ve gotten used to the delays

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