nullDCe for ARM, booted on a Beagleboard

March 12, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Dreamcasts? In my Pandora?! Well, not quite. If you’re hoping to see the Craiginator carving up Crazy Taxi, you might want to put a cap on that excitement for now. What we do have is the Dreamcast BIOS happily booting on a Beagleboard, courtesy of soon-to-be-knighted coders ZeZu and drkIIRaziel. An achievement in itself, and the start of a fun ride by the looks of things. Ok, it’s cause for a little excitement…




  1. Scary picture

  2. Full speed bios here:

  3. TOLD YALLZ!! anyway, not bad for an unoptimized build. Looking forward to seein some DC on me panda =]

  4. Well, this being a very hard system to emulate full speed in the first place, it will be a progressively accelerating ride.

  5. Actually, ZeZu did most of the arm-specific code, i just helped with some bug fixes and the gles renderer.I don’t have a beagleboard … yet ;p

  6. Thanks for the clarification, I’ll update the article. 🙂

  7. “It’s more likely than you think.”

    Thanks for your work, DarkII and ZeZu!

  8. Ok, so I cancelled my order and i’m not interested in getting a pandora anymore. But if this thing one day runs dreamcast emulation full speed, i’ll defo get one.

  9. That’s one hell of an ambitious project for a beagleboard. Doubtful it could reach full speed on the beagleboard or the pandora, but why not reach for the stars? 🙂

  10. Pandora can never run a DC emulator at fullspeed. Impossible. I really don’t understand why Dark and ZeZu bother to port nulldc anyway. If it’s not possible why try?

  11. Don’t underestimate the OMAP3. The DC appears very realistic to me.
    Great work on it so far =)

  12. @r00tw00t You speak as if you tried this before and failed. What makes you so sure this is impossible? A naive attempt at comparing hardware and previous attempts at creating emulators does not mean this project is not possible. I believe with enough work and the right hardware with just enough _tricks_ might be able to pull this off.

    I’m not saying it will happen, but I would say don’t be too surprised if you have to eat your words some day.

  13. @r00tw00t Even if it isn’t full speed, having ARM code should make it a simple job to compile for a cortex A9 when those boards start making it out.

    If a cortex a9 can’t run at least some games full speed, then I’ll be extremely surprised.

  14. strangely enough, i wasnt enraged by the meme. maybe just because it hasnt been hideously overused in recent years.

  15. […] nullDCe for ARM, booted on a Beagleboard Posted by: gruso […]

  16. ^ congratulations

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