So you want to try Angström (in Windows)

March 11, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Another gem from the German camp. One of the blogsters at today.openpandora has put together a Qemu package, allowing us non-hacky Windows types to have a stab at Angström.

Note: This is a Windows package, graciously put together by a community member. Linux users should check out this thread. If a package like this is released for other platforms, you’ll hear it from us first.

Anyhow, back to the package at hand. Free translation (you’ll get the idea):

Already some time ago, there was the possibility of the operating system of Pandora using QEMU to test. But unfortunately, this test was extremely complicated and hardly what did it! That is why I now have a package put together, which not all Linux geeks “testing very easy to make.

Download the file and unpack it (even extractive!)
Run the unzipped folder “angstrom” the file “Start.bat” and lean 1-2 minutes.
Now just login:

User: gast
Password: gast

And that’s the whole charm 😉

And a charm it is. Download, run the .exe, run the .bat, login! If this butters your bun, head over to today.openpandora for the download link (100MB).

Update: atomicthumbs has kindly rehosted the package on his North American server. If you’re in that neck of the woods, grab it here. (100MB, direct link)



  1. Oh, I actually didn’t understand what it was for. Well, since I haven’t had linux installed in half a year it will be nice to try this

  2. It even includes a certain game engine interpreter. 😉 I won’t give the secret away though, that would be a little scummy of me.

  3. “And a charm it is. Download, run the .exe, run the .bat, login!”

    A charm, really? What exactly are those mysterious “exe” and “bat” commands supposed to accomplish on one’s Linux, BSD, Solaris, OS X or whichever else operating system?

    For christ sake – we are talking about a Linux powered device here and the whole post is written like there is nobody else than Windows users even remotely worthy to run that QEMU image.

  4. Thank you for this!

  5. @Whomever: It’s primarily Windows users who have had trouble getting this running in the past. This package was put together by a Windows user, in his own spare time, so other Windows users could have a go at Angstrom. That’s all. The world isn’t turning against you.

  6. @Whomever
    I found it odd, too, that a user from a community that is centered around a open-source homebrew device running a Linux based OS released this for Windows. :\

  7. Many of the people developing for Pandora are using Windows. The GP32X scene has always been like this, there’s a variety of OSes in use just like anywhere else.

    I’ve got no facts to back this up, but I think Pandora’s userbase will be more Windows oriented than that of the GP2X or anything before it, simply because of the broad appeal of the device. There’s still a massive Linux contingent of course, it’s just more evident on the forums than it is here on the blog. 🙂

  8. Sorry Guys, but all you “Use Linux” Crybabies remember this. Do you watch Movies? Or listen to Music? Why don’t you do it yourself?

    Because you turned to learning Linux and that stuff. Other people like me sticked with Windows and MacOS and learned to do Music and Movies.

    See? Not everyone can know everything. So I love it that I can just click the Bat and test it out.

    I just don’t get you all…

  9. Did you link to the wrong forum thread or what? I can’t find anything related to this package & Linux there.

  10. Oh. Ok. Silly.
    That’s just a 7zip self extracting archive. Just use “7z x angstrom.qemu.exe” to extract it…
    You can run the extracted stuff fine in Linux:
    qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -hda hdd.img -m 256 -kernel kernel.bin -append “root=/dev/sda” -localtime -usb -usbdevice wacom-tablet -show-cursor

  11. I need to test is, interesting!!!

    Maybe a poll would be interesting, to get an idea how many Win, linux and other OS users there are?

    Anyway, I just installed linux on an old laptop to do some testing, maybe now this is no longer necesary?

  12. If you do a poll, which would be really interesting, make it multiple choice, as I don’t run only one OS for instance.

  13. An OS poll on the blog? Haha, no thanks. 😀 The forums can have that noise.

    Think of it this way – Pandora is going to introduce a lot of new people to Linux. 😉

  14. @gruso March 11, 2009 at 3:00 am

    My point wasn’t about turning against anyone. I’m just not a Windows user, heck, I hardly know a very few people that still keep Windows install for some personal reasons (mostly gaming I suppose). But I’m watching this blog for Pandora news.

    Yesterday, when I was writing my post, if the title just said “So you want to try Angström (in Windows)” as it is now, I would have instantly know that “hey, this piece of news isn’t of any interest, I can skip over to the next one”. Instead, I start reading about some new, possibly interesting QEMU image, blahblah, and in the end, I’m punched in the face with some “exes” and “bats”, like, “hey of course everyone runs Windows, what’s wrong with you, hippy?”

    Now the updated post is much more reasonable and there is nothing to be offended with, it clearly states what it is talking about and who it is intended for, so the rest of the world doesn’t need to read it till the end to find about those lovely .exe and .bat’s that they are supposed to download and run.

  15. GPSchnyder Said :
    –“all you “Use Linux” Crybabies remember this. Do you watch Movies? Or listen to Music? Why don’t you do it yourself?”
    What a weird thing to say. I’m perfectly capable of watching movies or listening to music, regardless of my choice of OS. Did you mean “Play” music, and “Film” movies?

    GPSchnyder Said :
    –“Because you turned to learning Linux and that stuff. Other people like me sticked with Windows and MacOS and learned to do Music and Movies.”

    Also a weird thing to say. You might as well say ‘While you spent your time learning Toyota, the rest of us sticked with Ford and learned to do Music and Movies.’

    GPSchnyder Said :
    –“Not everyone can know everything.”
    No one was impugning anyone’s KNOWLEDGE. Possibly their technical choices, though no one has really made any disparaging comments towards USERS yet. (All the irrational criticism was directed at whoever put this QEMU package together.)

    It feels like you’ve been saving this reply up, and it doesn’t fit this argument, but you wanted to use it anyway because you thought it was so clever.

    Your post will work great next time someone criticizes you for not knowing Calculus. (or whatever.)

  16. Hi Andy,

    I meant making Music or making Movies, which takes some time to learn. The same Time someone else spends on knowing just another OS. Maybe my Comment feels strange as the Comments I replied to were not about the Post as it is now.

    I saw it that way. The Title Says on Windows and some Comments cry about it not beeing Linux. As Whomever commented the Post didn’t say the Windows Portion first in the Title. In that way the Comments I replied to make perfect sense.

    That’s why normally you mark a Post as updated with the reason for the Update. That what made my Comment look like it is.

  17. Thanks for making my day, AndyL. Sorry GPSchnyder, but that initial post of yours, although dramatic, really makes no sense whatsoever.

  18. GPSchnyder:
    Actually, thats not a limiting factor neither, it didn’t even take me one month to move to linux and you can also do other things while switching the OS.

    b2t: Whats the use of this? I know how angstrom feels like (and its not important to know that tho) and testing programs shouldn’t be easier anyway because its missing the OGLES2 port (assumption – haven’t tested it)

  19. @JayFoxRox: The use would be for users like me, who are on windows and MacOS to learn to know the OS before the Pandora arrives. YOU may know what Angstom feels like, I only know it from the Videos shown by ED.

    And by the Way, it took you one month to learn how to emulate Angstrom with QEmu? Or just using Linux? Anyway, I don’t want to learn one month just to take a look how Angstom looks like. That’s why I like the Package up there.

    Maybe I’ve written my comment a little to dramatic, but for me, as explained above, it looked like some Guys crying that this Linux Package doesn’t run on Linux. I didn’t know that the Post first didn’t mention Windows in the Title.

    Hope that explains a bit…

  20. can you guys stop bitching. believe it or not, all OS’s have different pros and cons. I have used linux in the past and still use it occasionally, but I also use windows and *gasp* even have used Mac when I interned at a graphic design setup. and despite this i still had time to learn video and music editing.

  21. Well my PC certainly wasn’t up to the task of emulating it, but then it is an old Pentium III after all (and roughly the same spec as the Pandora come to think of it).

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