A little more Quake

March 10, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Pickle is still pumping out the Quake tests, this time around running the first installment through the wringer. More textual tidbits from Craig below.

Hello everyone, Craig here,

Here is a video which Pickle made showing the classic Quake engine running at 800*480 with the SGX first at 55Mhz then at 110Mhz.

The results with Quake2 are almost exactly the same, we are also able to use full screen antialiasing in Quake2 at 800*480 while still getting over 30fps.

These early results show that a) the 3D hardware is up to the job at our high resolution and b) there is a lot more power to extract once we move to OpenGL2ES (this port is using 1.1ES) and begin to experiment with using the NEON command set to speed things up further. The final ideal situation would be full OpenGL2.0 somewhere in the future.

Ed will make a high resolution video soon.

From the official blog.

Just a reminder, if you ever feel like putting your feet up and sifting through a bunch of Pandora videos, there are two places to go. The first is the Pandora Video Vault, established by gene_kultpower, which most people will be familiar with by now. The second is a new one set up by banjeed, which caters to a different aesthetic taste but has essentially the same content. Pick a favourite and start caning those tubes.



  1. Sweet!! Good job everyone!
    Now the case is coming closer to being finished, and they’re able to use more and more of the hardware’s capabilities. Not long now, guys! 😀

  2. The “ringer”?

  3. Glad you asked, you reminded me I made a typo. Anyway, read here:


  4. What controllers were used in this video?

  5. No controllers were used, it’s a timedemo.

    It’s looking good.

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