Pandora at Olymptronica

March 9, 2009
Posted by: gruso


German festival of gaming Olymptronica has not only kicked off, but kicked off in style thanks to EvilDragon and two tasty prototypes: a truly showroom worthy perspex mounted Pandora, and GPH’s upcoming Wiz. Forum member OrR went along for a hands on, and reports that even without a case, Pandora was a beautiful thing (giving a special shout out to the analogues).

You can find more pics in both the English and German forum threads.

If you’ve been along to Olymptronica too (or intend to this week) we’d love to hear your feedback.



  1. if that were the final case, I really wouldn’t be that disappointed

  2. with a dpad stolen from a wiz, no less

  3. @arrrgh
    I’m sure ED had one on hand, haha.

  4. i think a clear case would be cool too, like one of the old gameboy colors

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