Quake 2 is warming up to the Pandora…

March 6, 2009
Posted by: poisonedv


Small post, but every Pandora junkie needs their fix. Pickle, Pandora dev extraordinaire, has just posted his stellar results from Quake 2.

800×480 with sound 689 frames, 21.6 seconds: 31.9 fps


Update: Video after the break.



  1. Damn, I don’t think I remembered quake2 being quite THAT colorful, lol. I would love a youtube link.

  2. Little birdy says the video is being uploaded right now. 😉

  3. Oh, just for reference, that image isn’t actually on the Pandora, just to show what the game is like for those poor souls who havent played it

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome. If they could get multiplayer working, I’d be equally impressed.

  5. Sorry, but I’m not impressed at all. 30fps are the minimum for first person shooter and the demo itself shows some little hang-up. If Q2 runs @30fps, do you all think Q3 will be actually playable at that resolution??
    I’m not trolling. I’m still a Pandora fanboy, but not a “blind” one 🙂

  6. It’s not running at it’s proper clockspeeds, with proper clocks it will likely do ~50-60fps at 800×480, which is decent for no optimization.

  7. rutto – as posted in the forums, in this video the GPU (note “G”) is running at 55mhz, or half speed. As MWeston said:

    “Now I just need to get DJWillis or Notaz to help me poke that register to get the SGX clock back up to 110MHz!”

    eh, eh, impressed yet? 😛

  8. @gruso
    my fault, tnx man 🙂

  9. Sooo… This means that it could be playable quake 3? I’d love to drop by some lan party and say “yeah, sure I’ll play! What? are you STILL using laptop? That oldies? Lemme light my Pandora on!” And then I sit on a couch and I play via wifi with em .-D

    Tell me, please please please, this is possible

  10. You’re gonna say I’m trolling but that’s not the intention: I don’t see how running quake 2 on the pandora is impressive, at all. Quake 3 would be a little bit impressive but quake2, come on…

  11. @ttcircus It is not necessarily *impressive*, but more along the lines of some real progress being made here. This is one of the first (or is it the first?) videos of an actual game being run on the Pandora using hardware graphics acceleration. Also, the last time we saw quake II running on the pandora was at about a quarter that resolution. This video makes me very excited.

    Now all i have to do is figure out how to make time speed up so i can get one faster…

  12. @emil10001: fair enough. I guess you’re right, it shows some progress!

  13. It’s also about the numbers. 😉 If this was the best performance we were going to see running Quake 2, it might be a bit meh. But in Craig’s words:

    “Since this is the first test with no tweaking at all, going via nanoGL, that speed at 55mhz at 800*480 is superb. It will get much faster.”

    What we’ve seen is just a window into the hardware’s potential. The SGX is only running at half clock speed for starters. Weee!

  14. Hah, that screenshot used for this news post is the N64 version of Quake 2 😛 That’s why it’s so colourful. I’d go with a shot of the PC version, if you want to go with something more representative of the Pandora version of Quake 2 😛

  15. Remember that nanoGL translates OpenGL code into OpenGLES code so that the Pandora can play it. When the engine is ported from OpenGL to OpenGLES, we’ll not only lose nanoGL, gaining speed, but we’ll also have it optimized for the Pandora’s SGX chip. The frame-rates will increase dramatically. Also, doubling the clock speed of the SGX from 55MHz to 110MHz can’t hurt. 😀

  16. I like how fast the screen refresh rate. Way better than my psp

  17. […] Quake 2 is warming up to the Pandora… Posted by: poisonedv […]

  18. Why does the screen keep blanking out? That could get annoying

  19. … I think I just creamed my jeans a little…
    Can’t wait to get my hands on me panda. The anticipation during this last month before shipping is going to be almost tangible. At least I’ll have an EEE pc & hopefully a dingoo a320 to keep me occupied, but I still fiend on the blog & forums pretty much all day ;]
    Anyways, thanks a lot for showin this off pickle!

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