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March 4, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Evil Dragon has updated the official blog with more information about the prototype cases. They should be finished by friday, to be sent off for CE testing.

Well, all the errors of the case files have been fixed – and the final prototype cases are now in production!
They will be finished and shipped out on Friday, huzzah!

After that happened, we need to do stability and CE tests as quickly as possible, and if everything is fine, the moulds will be produced.

The production of the moulds will take about 30 – 35 days, however, once they are finished, the company can produce 50.000 units a day… should be enough for us. The good thing is, that the company that produces the moulds and the case is exactly the same company that made the prototype cases, so we won’t have any file export errors this time.

More after the break!

The last pieces missing for the board productions have also been shipped and are on their way. This means that everything should be ready for the mass production of the boards. If everything goes well, we can start producing the boards shortly before the cases are finished so we can begin to ship early / middle of April!

Oh, I (EvilDragon) am at the Olymptronica this weekend – with Pandora devboard as well as with a WIZ prototype. So, if you want to come over and have a little chat or test some stuff on the prototypes, you’re welcome. I hoped I could take the case with me, but as the show starts one day after the cases are finished, there’s no chance getting one to me in time.


Huzzah, again?



  1. *sigh* I wish I could travel to Germany, to see ED.

  2. “Not the ones in the previous blog entry”? I don’t know what that means. Disregard, answered. There is indeed only one lot of CNCs being made.

  3. evil dragon.

    i hereby declare just that the lamest nick ever.

    not the lamest dude, however.

    far from it.

  4. Huzzah!

    Great, great news! Now let’s just take it easy and wait a bit more…

    Bests of luck in the Olymptronica, ED!

  5. Great news! Just what we’ve all been waiting to hear =D

    @Butterman: me too =[
    @Gruso: I think he means not the ones being sent to ed & mweston already

  6. Aleluia, we will have Pandora for this friday

  7. There were missing pieces for the board itself?!

  8. 30-35 days to produce the moulds -> let’s say 5-10th of April.
    One day for production, but quite a few for shipment, and final assembly. No Pandora will be shipped before mid-April.
    However, it’s nice to see there’s less and less room for new delays…

  9. MilanC, good catch on the basic math.

    It seems like they’re *again* being overly optimistic on delivery estimates to keep us happy. You’d think they would have learned their lesson by now.

  10. (It’s still good news, of course. Huzzah!)

  11. I think the next unresolved issue is how the burn in and testing will go. AFAIK this will determine the rate at which Pandoras can be shipped. I don’t think this estimate is “overly optimistic” — just because they can start shipping Pandoras by a certain date doesn’t explain how long it will take to distribute the initial order size.

    I would rather get the dev team’s best estimate than no information at all (like Nokia with the Internet Tablet series). IMO it’s one of the best things about being a part of a community based open source hardware project, even just as an end consumer.

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