First batch deadline, boards getting ordered

March 3, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Craig has posted a new deadline (friday) for first batch orders on the forums. He’s also stated that the production boards are going to be ordered this week.

Looks like the production board (the MK4 if you like) will be being ordered this week.

Thus we need to bring the reorders to a close, if you have not made your payment you will get an email asking you to confirm or cancel you order this week.

Tonight we will be emailing the next 6000 or so on the mailing list telling them they can place an order, first come first served, we have waited much longer than we said we would to do this to give people who promised to reorder a chance to do it, but we must move on.

So let us bring this ordering to a close at last, please get your orders in for the first batch this week.

I am sure you know the details, openpandorasales@gmail.com or +44 (0)191 243 2253





  1. Wooo!

  2. “we have waited much longer than we said we would to do this to give people who promised to reorder”

    There is some rather extreme irony there.

    I’m guessing I missed my shot, but when the reorder price I was quoted by email was £200 it gave me pause. I figured waiting until at least one unit had shipped would be a reasonable expectation.

    Multiple changing stories were flying everywhere as well. I figured to go by just the emails that were sent specifically to me as canon. Unfortunately they were the vaguest.

  3. Good 🙂

  4. Considering the Pandora(pre-orders) sold out quickly from the shop there must of been a load of people drop out if pre-orders are still available at this later date. Not sure if that’s good or bad news but I’m glad things are moving slowly 🙂

  5. wow boards aren’t even ordered yet?
    about what complications with delivery etc are we talking about for months?

  6. I don’t think they were able to order the boards until the case design was 100% confirmed. If they mass produce one part without making sure the other parts are final, the tiniest error could result in disaster. The CNC being delayed a week is a good example of the team preventing such a thing happening.

    Regarding PCB manufacturing timeframe, I can’t offer any insight on that, but I do know they’re not walking into the factory cold. The manufacturer has already made dev boards of course, which means they’ve already fine tuned their tooling for the OMAP. It could well be as simple as MWeston picking up the phone and saying “go”. Ok, maybe not quite that simple, but you get the idea. The groundwork has been done.

    They’ll start out with a small volume, and run heavy tests on them. Then they can ramp up the volume as they go. The factory is capable of producing 5,000 boards per week, but it’ll probably be the second batch before they get up to that speed.

  7. they do not have to wait for CE test before ordering board???

  8. I thought the reordering was over for a long time. Does anyone know how many they sold out of the 4000?

  9. Surely the 6000 emails being sent this week don’t only have until friday to order? Or are they to form some kind of ‘overspill’ into a second batch?

  10. when i read “first batch deadline” i thought to myself “YES! delays no more!” until i realised it was an ordering deadline.

    we ordered 6 months ago, apologies, i’m bitter. it’s soon i know it (=

  11. CC_Machine, That was my first thought as well.

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