Case design issue resolved

March 3, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Word has come in from the German quarter that the cheeky little wrinkles that deflated our February CNC aspirations have been ironed out. So the CNC has the go ahead, and all going well it will accompany EvilDragon on his trip to the upcoming Olymptronica gaming festival. In light of this, it’s a good thing they’re making more than one. Somewhere across the globe sits a quiet Canadian who would agree.

Update: Although the CNC will be finished this week, it probably won’t ship to EvilDragon in time for him to take it to Olymptronica. Never the less, he’ll be there with a Pandora devboard and also a Wiz prototype.

Source, via today.openpandora



  1. Quote from EvilDragon:
    “Es wird mehrere Gehäuse geben, ja, aber nicht allzuviel – bei ca. 900 USD pro Gehäuse wohl auch verständlich”

    Rough translation:
    “Yes, there will be more CNC-Cases – but not too many. At a price of 900 USD per case i guess this is understandable.”

    Source: http://forum.gp2x.de/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6754

  2. Ah, thanks. 🙂 I’ll polish up the post to suit.

  3. so no CNC? why would it cost so much?

  4. Wish they’d just finish the dam thing. Can’t believe where in march already and there’s still loads to do. Wonder if they’ve even finished the keyboard layout yet?

  5. I think you are outdated on that one Puppydee

  6. Kloplop321:

    Puppydee is right. You seem to misunderstand. The prototype case can be made ( thats why they cost 900$ / case ). They are not starting the production run for the cases yet.

    ED, etc first needs to recieve those prototype ( 900$ ) cases, test them, ship them to CE/FCC testing, etc …

    Same deal with the motherbords, keymats etc.

    We are nowhere near for the first customers getting there Pandora’s. And production was planned in batches, so, even if the first pandora’s get shipped in April, expect to see the last people only getting theres maybe in May or later.

    And thats a big if, because a April completion off the first production run, seems to be rather iffy … Still to many things that need to happen, and still to many points where things will go wrong.

    Hell, it might be even ironic, if the last Pandora’s for the first batch arrive, a year from the pre-order date. Never say never. The original idea was End off November. With the amount off problems, delays, etc we have seen, even if there was not the pre-order problem, they where going to be months over it anyway.

    A few more big setbacks, maybe a 3th party manufacture stops selling x part off the product, maybe FCC / CE testing failing, or taking a month to complete… I for one have long given up on the Pandora thats on order …

    And my biggest fear still stands. A year ago the technology behind the Pandora was top class. But, by the time we ( or the last people in the batch ) get the Pandora, we may already been seeing the OMAP3630 ( 45nm ) in production. 20% faster cpu, 75% faster gpu, 25% less power drain, and maybe even more memory ( if they also do a shrink )…

  7. Progress! Now I’m waiting for my daily doze of the ‘D’ word! Progress and delay go very much hand in hand in this project it seems

  8. C’mon! They’re getting it DONE! Hope one could order it again before summer! Just can’t wait having my hands on it!

  9. lol. “they’re getting it done”


    Sorry Gruso, that was way too tempting…
    Now I’ll go and slap myself.

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