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March 1, 2009
Posted by: TaG

Viridior and the Gentoo team now have their own news blog. Check it out.

We started our own news/blogs site to help us keep track of Gentoo Pandora development. We are charging forward at full speed to get a nice small and functional image well before the Pandora ships, if your interested check out http://gentoo.openpandora.org, it has a RSS feed.



  1. I am quite new to all this blawging stuff, but isn’t the twitter pointless if all it does is link back to the official blog? I was expecting just small tidbits or something, stuff not really worth posting full-on, like “EvilDragon just said Hellolo again, and says there maybe a new video.” I am probably missing something.

  2. Well, eversmile, twitters a bit different. Most mobile devices can’t utilize RSS feeds very well because RSS feeds are too bulky and full featured. However, there are many more ‘mobile’ ways to get twitter feeds easily where RSS just shouldn’t work.

  3. Hey PoisonedV, thanks for the reply, but it literally just links here? Does twitter use a cut down RSS then?

  4. We use Twitterfeed, a third party site. The Twitterfeed account monitors our RSS, and sends any new entries to our Twitter account. The end result is just a duplication of our RSS feed, but through a different channel.

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