DIY labels 2: The Downloading

February 27, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Following on from the SD label post of oh, a day or so ago, Dragoon has uploaded a collection of download-and-print stickers for your card pampering pleasure. The link was added to the original blog entry, but we figured the pretty pictures made it worth a new tweet. There is also a thread on the gp32x boards where you can throw down your requests, and throw up your contributions. Get amongst it.



  1. ^_^

  2. Ubuntu, but no Gentoo :_(

    I still love these and I hope they get used!

  3. ehm lol… for printing and its a jpg file -.- PDF!!!!!

  4. Lynx! πŸ™‚

  5. A translucent Pandora logo behind the MP3, Pics and Movies ones would be an improvement and maybe changing MP3 to something like Tunes as well.
    Apart from that I think they look very pro and will definitely be using them.. if I can find the right type of paper and some cheap 256-512Mb cards anyway πŸ˜‰

  6. And where, pray tell, is teh PC Engine label? Hmm? πŸ˜›

  7. oh my god, I actually typed ‘teh’. I’m so ashamed.

  8. I actually want my files in my pandora to look like that. they look so nice, though I will try to only have two SDs for my pandora.

  9. Why the heck are the downloads JPG?


  10. I’m with everyone else in that we should have lossless images (PNG preferably)

    Also, can someone make that MP3 one into one that says “music” instead? not like the movies one was called “wmv”

  11. They’re 300DPI files, and viewed at 100% in CS2 there is barely a trace of compression artifacting (except maybe in some of the source material). In fact, zoom in to 1600% on almost any part of the image and you’ll see that it’s as good as lossless.

    Call me mad, but I don’t think postage stamp sized images consisting of ripped logos really call for this level of fussiness. Save As -> PNG and let’s never speak of this again. πŸ˜›

  12. Nice work!

  13. exactly, png or raw, but where is the 3D stuff ?

    i want to see OpenArena, Vegastrike, Supertux etc.

  14. Where can I get something to print these on?

  15. You can by sheets of sticker paper from any office supply place. You have to cut them out manually after printing.

  16. I’ve added my collection of 48 as card label images to the pandora archive, hope these come in handy for people, I like keeping my rom collection organized!

  17. Fantastic work Jay! Thank you.

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