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February 26, 2009
Posted by: gruso

A new post from EvilDragon on the official blog


I told you, cpasjuste is currently working on a simple and clear launcher, using skeezix libpnd to work with PXML.

cpasjuste just posted a small sneak preview of the menu, you can see how PXML works (showing icons in categories, preview pictures, etc.).

skeezix libpnd is already pretty advanced. Together with vimacs, he made it possible for EVERY dev to easily use PXML and therefore, automatically add games and programs into the right categories as soon as you put an SD card into the slot!

We will show a video with that feature included into the matchbox UI as well soon!

Now onto some news on the case: The company is working on it already, however, a few files got errors while exporting them. We are working together to fix them, should only take a couple of days.

Just to clarify, the video you’re about to see is not the shiny Angstrom GUI we’ve already seen, but a stripped back launcher alternative for the minimalist crowd. Think of it as the new Gmenu2x. 😉



  1. So is it included with the pandora??

  2. I don’t know if they can put this as well as Angstrom on the NAND, but like most things it will be downloadable from the file archive.

  3. Not keen on the current style, but at least that can be changed and all the underlying code seems to work well.
    Nice job so far guys 😀

  4. Pandora is so powerful that sms emulator can run megadrive’s Sonic 2! XD

  5. wow! looking good so far! Should be really great with another theme ;] Great to see things are really coming along!

  6. That. I love that. 🙂
    And if it’s skin-able, it will be awesome !

  7. How will you switch between the two GUIs? Is there an elegant way to do that?

    Because I can definitely see wanting both, Depending on whether I’m ‘playing’ or ‘working’.

    (A similarly elegant way of bringing up a bash prompt would also be welcome.)

  8. Pulling up a shell should be pretty easy.. terminal app ftw 🙂

    There will be a tool to switch your ‘shell’ preference. ie: Matchbox will likely be the default window manager regardless, but the shell (the desktop tool, whatever you call it) will be user selectable, be it matchbox-desktop, cpasjuste’s menu, or others.

    cpas coded a boot-time tool to let you pick launcher, I think, but its not defined yet when the decision will b made.. at boot time, or a in-current-menu option-screen, etc.

    It is hoped if all pandora specific tools use libpnd, and libpnd lives up to the goal, that all launchers can have at least a consistent underpinning and launching technique, and they can stick to their appearance ,feal, etc rather than worry abou tthe underlieing mechanisms.

    cpas is all touchy too, finger dragging and everything. Hot stuff 🙂


  9. Important Question : This is all mouse-based. Touch screens can be inconvenient to use in a hurry. How well does this work navigating with the arrow keys?

    In my mind the big advantage to a “simpler” GUI would be that you don’t need to get out your stylus and start tapping. Please tell me that’s true?

  10. I’m sure everything will be tweaked to use the various controls .. we’re looking at options for using shoulder buttons for tab changing and d-pad controlling and such in matchbox..


  11. I’m not a minimalist person so it’s a little plain but if it can be skinned and polished a bit I may use it. Great work anyway 🙂

  12. […] has posted an updated video of the menu system we saw the other day, showing some more UI polish and some application […]

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