Minor CNC delay, emphasis on minor.

February 25, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Yes, yes, the dreaded D word. It does sound like it’s only a little blip on the radar, though. And here in the Pandora community, we know blips.

Anyway, the moulding company found an error on one of the parts and need to tweak it, so it’s going to take a little longer 😦  -craigix

It probably won’t be much of a delay (it’s just a missing join on one part), I do wish we had done an SLA* at the same time though, but never mind.Β  -craigix

Just another day at the office by the sounds of it. There are still plenty of other things going full steam behind the scenes (software development, keypad layout) so it’s not like the pause button has been pressed. We’re really looking forward to crossing that first item off the To Do list though…


* SLA (Stereolithography) is another prototyping method.



  1. One step forward, two steps back.

  2. Well, who thought there’d be no more delays, really? Anyway, sounds small. Keep the updates coming!


  4. I’m glad that they at least told us. People like Asmo are the one who will make them keep their mouths shut though.

  5. @ Asmo: It’s more like 2 steps forward , one step back.

    Anyway one or 2 days delay isnt a big deal.

  6. “It probably won”t be much of a delay”
    Boy, we’ve never heard THAT sentence before

  7. LOL! It starts getting really funny.
    Oh dear….
    adamorjames: I admire your permanent optimism.

  8. “One step forward, two steps back.”
    No. More like five steps forward and one little meaningless step back that everyone seem to be focused on. Come on guys. We’re closing up to the end. This is nothing to the size of this project. It’s amazing we’ve even got this far in this timeframe. Amazing.

  9. I was expecting much worse, so wow! Let’s hope the worse still doesn’t happen..

  10. Why do they tell us about delays like this one that are just begging to get the community to go crazy

  11. I’ve worked at a small company making hand-held computers before; this kind of thing is par for the course. Being on the customer side of things this time, I can say the updates are appreciated.

    Man, I’ve only been a preorderer for a couple of weeks, and I’m already chomping at the bit for this thing…

  12. Delays in Pandoraland are not newsworthy anymore. Let me know next time something is on time :).

  13. Yeah, it would really help if they actually stated how much of a delay these things mean. I don’t mean exact, but info of whether it means days or weeks would be helpful, otherwise it sounds worse than it probably is.

  14. Who cares about the effect of delays? You should have already learned: The pandora is always 2 months away. Never got closer for 6 months πŸ˜‰

  15. “it probably wont be much of a delay”. Wow, small delays or big delays, its really starting to piss me off. They all add up. We have had many small delays and look how many delays it was in total? More than a year, and who knows if there will be any delays in the future. This thing would have been revolutionary if it came out a year ago, but in the year 2009 its not that much of a deal anymore. If they have poor comtumer support right know, think about if one day your pandora stops working and you need help. They are probebly going to have poor support then. If you ask a question on the forums, geeks start talking to you in their jibber-jabber and tell you to f$%# off and use the search button. They take money from you to buy something that hasnt even been made yet. If you tell them why, they tell you its a pre-order and you have to wish for the best. Seriosly, if you pre-order something right now, it has already been made and just needs to be shipped.

    One other thing, almost everyone who is buying this crap is supporting piracy. Yes, if you tell someone that they say thay “there are many other uses for emulators” but really guys, tell the truth. How would you like it if people pirated your hard work?

    all in all, learn to make something before you take money off 4000 people.

  16. @Adamorjames:
    “I’m glad that they at least told us. People like Asmo are the one who will make them keep their mouths shut though.”

    They gave us the date of the 25th, they’d have to have said something. Pardon me for speaking!

  17. why does the forum keep double quoting everything?

  18. > “One step forward, two steps back.”

    I’d call it “Three years forward, a few days back.” πŸ˜‰

    Also, pandoraisgangsta: get a PSP.

  19. pandoraisagangsta, all in all, learn to troll. trolls these days

  20. Had a feeling the cnc case would be delayed so it didn’t shock me to find out it’s happened. It seems patience is a virtue for this project and I have the patience of a saint. Lets hope anymore delays are minimal and that the Pandora will imerge in the next few months making everybody whole again. Atleast where nearly there πŸ™‚

  21. (gruso)> I’d call it β€œThree years forward, a few days back.”

    Sheesh, three years in and still no CNC? πŸ˜›

  22. who said the pandora is only for emulators, pandoraisgangsta?

  23. Haw haw Asmo. πŸ˜› Companies who pour resources into CNC models early on either (i) have a massive R&D budget and cash to burn, or (ii) used to have a massive R&D budget and cash to burn, and now don’t have so much as a two piece Ferrari to liquidate. πŸ˜€

  24. the dreaded D word!

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