DIY labels bring all the cards to the yard [UPDATED]

February 24, 2009
Posted by: gruso


We’re filing this one under Why Didn’t We Think Of It. Lover of fine details Dragoon from the gp2x.de forums has created this snappy set of SD card labels, replacing the boring onslaught of GB ratings and speed classes with something far more edible. N64 might be a little optimistic, but what can we say, he knows how to market these things.

Source, via pandora-blog.de

Update: Dragoon has kindly uploaded some tasty label designs for all to use. Grab them now from the Pandora File Archive. (Oh, and if you hadn’t heard of the archive before this, best you bookmark it now.)



  1. nice I guess

  2. I don’t get how N64 would be exceptionally optimistic, I remember back when Ultra HLE came out, it ran REALLY well with a 400mhz pentium II and a voodoo2 or higher. So, while it probably won’t reach a level where all games could play full speed, I’d estimate a good portion of the library could be playable. Am I missing something?

  3. Looks good, I like.

  4. Cool idea for organising cards; my SDHC card is a little sad and unloved – I had been hoping to have use of it by now!

  5. Nice! Nicer would be to add some colors to the “pandora-card”. Black & White looks dull

  6. @ Armando:

    The device is not the problem. It’s the fact its hard to make a good emulator and requires lots of time.


    Looks nice.

  7. r00tw00t: How about this? http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/7629/sdstickers2.jpg

  8. Would be cool to have a template for printing πŸ˜€

  9. r00tw00t: looks better πŸ™‚

  10. Here I am with my usual negative comments:
    It is indeed nice to put a “pandora” sticker on your sd card. However, you’re not gonna have 12 different sd cards are you? I mean emulators and games don’t take that much space.

  11. I notice that the blog has taken their estimated ship date off of the masthead.

  12. Like the pandora sticker a LOT! Would LOVE to get a template for printing them!! I think it would be super pimp to have custom SD cards when my Pandora comes home!!!

  13. TT, did it even occur to you, for one second, that people MIGHT just have more than one card? 256MB-1GB cards are quite cheap and some have dozens. You obviously don’t. I don’t care about your negativity at all, but stupidity just makes me laugh.

  14. Yeah, super pimp! πŸ˜€ I don’t care if I only have one SD with all the stuff, but the one must be awesome!

  15. Double post, since I can’t edit.

    Also, TT, N64 and ScummVM games can be quite big, and could quite easily fill a 512MB card each. ScummVM with the later Scumm games (eg DOTT) are CD sized, so could need an even larger card. You’re being negative just for the SAKE of it. Plus the Pandora can take LOTS of programs, and different builds/flavours of linux. And, the most obvious reason? The Pandora has 2 SD card slots. It’s DESIGNED to support multiple cards.

  16. Hey, if it can boot from SD (not sure?) you can have multiple distros per card πŸ˜€

  17. Heh, sorry about the offtopic post, I guess I get a little defensive about this awesome, capable, open machine. The labels do look sweet πŸ™‚

  18. Sardaukar,

    I’m one of the gentoo.pandora.devs, you can put multiple operating systems on a single SD card. Right now Gentoo Pandora documents only tell you how to set up on a SD card, but you could flash the on-board NAND too if you wanted. I would (just as my personal rule-of-thumb) say you should have 1GB for each OS. This may help: http://gentoo.openpandora.org/index.php/Install_DEV_Image#Preping_The_Image

  19. Viridior,

    thanks for the info! so, is there like a boot loader or a key combination to boot from SD? cool! πŸ˜€

  20. Sardaukar,

    I’m currently developing on the BeagleBoard until I get my Pandora, so this may not be true… but my understanding is that you will able to use on of the ‘start/select/menu’ keys to alternately boot from the SD. On the beagleboard the bootorder selects SD prior to NAND anyway. I’m sure the pandora uses Das U-boot, found here: http://www.denx.de/wiki/U-Boot

    Its sort of like a BIOS and bootloader(in layman terms) put together. You can pass kernel commands and arguements through that.

  21. Quote by AndyL “I notice that the blog has taken their estimated ship date off of the masthead”

    Noticed that aswell. Think it was April 27th. Guess they’ve realised it’ll never be finished and shipped by that date. Still think It’ll be june/july. Definatly don’t want it as a christmas present, perish the thought πŸ™‚

  22. It would be cool to be selectable with some key combo… I may have a distro on SD but choose to boot from NAND, and having to remove the SD to do so sound lame

  23. Anyway, a template should not be too difficult to create. The shape is basically a square of 26mm * 20.5mm with round corners (lets take a radius of 2 or 3 millimeters). The bigger problem is to find good labels that stick on the card and can also easily be printed. Back in the times when 640KB was enough for everyone I had such a problem with self-made floppy disk labels that peeled off.

  24. Regarding the estimated shipping date that used to be at the top – after the theme change we don’t actually have a place to enter that text any more. That wasn’t one of my favourite things anyway, to be honest.

  25. Back to disk labels, I wonder if a ‘Gentoo’ label with the image, etc preconfigured and loaded would be useful to anyone. Only cost would be for the SD card, label and shipping.

  26. I think having a ‘Gentoo’ or ‘Ubuntu’ SD cards would be great. Not everyone has high speed internet for downloading a linux distro or they might have a cap on their internet usage.

  27. The new skin looks awesome, and if I can find a cool way to make them stickers I’ll definetely use these haha

  28. Woo hoo a label

    Sad. Bring out the console at some point.

  29. Hi there, it’s Dragoon. Nice to see how my picture is getting arround!

    Since I’m happy you like the idea, I’m gonna post a template for you guys which can be used to easily print those stickers at home. All you need is a Printer, sticker paper and a nail scissor. πŸ™‚
    I will just finish some other important Logos, before I upload the template. Maybe it will take me a couple of days, because I have a lot of other work to do, too.

  30. @Eversmile: come one, you know very well that pandora buyers are massive nerds who are gonna buy class 6 16gb sd card asap. And don’t tell me they’re expensive, when you can afford a Β£200 device like htis one…

  31. Excellent, thanks Dragoon! πŸ™‚ Do you post in the gp32x.com forums? If not, just post here again when you’re done and I’ll put a thread up over there.

  32. @TT, some “massive nerds” will do that, and some “massive nerds” will not. There are very big benefits to buying multiple cards. I have 1 smaller card, and a 16GB (I don’t know how fast it is) one. I will use the 16GB to store more permanent parts of the pandora’s software, like media player, GIMP, the best games etc. Then the 2GB one will frequently change, usually with test apps.

    But because you personally can’t afford a large high speed 16GB, are buying a pandora anyway, post lame ill-concieved trolls/genuinely stupid posts on blogs and forums about massively nerdy things, you are exempt from this “massive nerd” title?

  33. Hey guys, as I promised: here is the link for the templates of my SD-Card logos (for printing). Hope you like it – enjoy! πŸ™‚



  34. Thanks Dragoon. πŸ™‚ Post updated.

  35. I would commit federal crimes to acquire a simple, very glossy Ubuntu SD card sticker(s). There has to be a company that makes stickers with rounded edges that are roughly SD card in size.

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