Gentoo to be available on launch day

February 23, 2009
Posted by: gruso


If EvilDragon’s latest Angstrom video didn’t float your boat, perhaps it’s worth checking that you’re actually in the water. Or, maybe you’re just holding out for some Gentoo news. And Gentoo news we have, courtesy of Viridior and his merry band of distro devs.

Hey, we did a lot of good work to get Gentoo ported to the armv7-a platform. Looks like we will have something to install the day you get your Pandora. No worries, this is the ‘dev’ image, finalized user images are the next goal and can be produced much quicker.

Gentoo-pandora-dev-0.0.2 is released. (And it works great on the BeagleBoard)

You can see the full software inventory here.



armv7a-softfloat-linux-gnueabi toolchain

[networking] (usb works) (eth not tested but should work)

Installation instructions here

You can find us in our normal stomping grounds in FreeNode#gentoo-pandora




  1. super neato awesome

  2. wait, this comes with a WORKING gcc to be run on the pandora / beagleboard? This sounds awesome! No other beagle distro had a working gcc for the beagleboard yet I think – atleast I couldn’t get my code to compile!

  3. Nice work and thanks to all the guys for this. Never tried Gentoo yet, but I’m betting that it will be a good fit for the Pandora 🙂

  4. JayFoxRun : Uh, Angstrom comes with compilers.

  5. Woo! not that I use Gentoo, but hey, it is good to have variety.

  6. Awesome. Ubuntu, angstrom and gentoo 😀

  7. Hey guys, I’m one of the lead developers for the Gentoo Pandora Project.

    First: Thanks for the excitement about our project. Its hard sometimes to really know if anyone is interested and whether we are doing all of this work for naught. We have been working hard on the project to provide a user’s built-from-the-ground-up image. This is not to detract from the awesome work from the pandora.devs and Angstrom, and we will likely be using a lot of their code (such as drivers and maybe even configs).

    Second: I believe Angstrom does provide users CodeSourcery’s 2007q3 (of which the OS is derived). The Gentoo gcc toolchain is using ‘standard’ software from the official trees. This doesn’t mean it will work better or worse, but it does allow better bug tracking and potentially better upgrade ability.

    And Latestly: This is our ‘dev’ image in which we now can natively build an image for most users. Up until now we have had to rely on cross-compiling which is quite painful and non-intuitive. (We have become semi-experts now.)

    Previous Gentoo users: we will be providing a ‘minimal’ image (similar to a stage3 but boots on its own) in which you can pick and choose the rest of your system like normal.

    New Gentoo users: We will also be providing a ‘normal’ image which we come pre-installed with a x.org, window manager and some familiar software for you to get started. It may match what comes with the Angstrom.


  8. I will try this, for sure.

  9. This is great news, seriously! There’s interest, I can guarantee you that Viridior! I feared for a while we would be locked to the Ångström distro, so I’m really relieved this isn’t the case. Not speaking bad of Ångström of course, they have done a great work, I just see it as necessary to have other options and operating systems. That is, in fact everything this machine means to me. Freedom of choice!
    Gentoo, Ubuntu and Ångström…I’m so happy i found the Pandora, so happy.

  10. How can someone NOT be excited about this! Things are really starting to pick up software wise. Game developers, multiple distros and general public interest is all growing! The potential is mind-blowing and I can wait to see what comes next!

    Congrats to the Gentoo Team and the Pandora Team!

    Waiting is officially the hardest part!!

  11. Angstrom isn’t using anything from CodeSourcery for armv7a.

  12. Koen Kooi,

    Correct, I believe they are using an armv5tel? architecture. I really don’t know too much about it so don’t hold me to that. I do know that it is not compiled directly for the armv7-a, gcc just got support for it in the gcc-4.3.x tree (we use gcc-4.3.2) and we use the CFLAGS= “march=armv7-a mtune=cortex-a8” on ALL of our packages. Once of the beauties of Gentoo. Don’t worry though, we have binaries repos so you won’t have to compile your own packages necessarily. I’ll do it for you! 😉

  13. Angstrom has had armv7a packages for beagle since last march, compiled with gcc 4.3.x.
    I’m getting a bit annoyed with you spouting crap without bother checking even the most basic stuff.

  14. Koen Kooi,

    I would apologize, but based on your tone I think I’ll just get to the point. The ‘OpenPandora’ Angstrom image is based on the 2007q3 toolchain from Codesourcery. I am not one of the devs. In fact it is somewhat difficult to get any information on what they are using. So unless you are a ‘OpenPandora’ Angstrom dev you probably know as much as I do about it. I agree the the ‘BeagleBoard’ Angstrom variant has gcc-4.3.x support.

    Feel free to offer any more of your wonderful insight. I stand-by to be educated.

  15. Koen Kooi,

    I will apologize for my last post. A good reason why you should respond at least 10min until after you read a post. So, I am sorry for my attitude.

    The truth is from all accounts that I have found in the forums, the Angstrom build being used for the Official image is based on 2007q3. I would think that implies armv4/armv5 but not armv7. I may also be wrong on this assumption and admit it freely.

    Angstrom does support armv7, I just don’t know what the official openpandora devs are using. Truthfully I’m so focus on the Gentoo port that I don’t worry about it too much.

    Sorry again,

  16. The ‘offcial’ build for pandora won’t use 2007q3. It will use the same toolchain as angstrom will use. I know that since I’m working with DJWillis on the official images.
    And 2007q3 does support armv7a.

  17. I stand corrected, I do understand that codesourcery has implemented some fixes, how do the improvements compare?

  18. are you guys done now?

  19. Koen Kooi, will the Angstrom repository have a diplomacy package?

  20. hey guys,

    The packaging stuff we’ve been working on should work fine or gentoo/etc as well.

    Send me some emails or PMs and I can fill you in on hor that stuff works, so you candecide if you want to get in on it.

    ie: It woudl be best to use the same codebase and support the same packages (ie: .pnd files) to avoid user confusion.. and I’m sure Gentoo has the same issues everything else does, that make things like .pnd files worth having.

    Hit me up 🙂


  21. Also.. you tried it yet?

    As before.. feel free to package up a good .iso for me (if you’ve not ttried it on someone elses already) and I can give it a boot up for you.

    Are you sucking down the latest kernels and such?


  22. [software]

    Look at this, it’s awful!

    bash: give me ksh or tcsh – anything but bash.
    vim: bloatware deluxe! Ship nvi.
    nano: another crappy editor?
    screen: bloat. Not necessary in base.

    Sure hope that the pandora won’t have such retarded bloat in base.

  23. ^ Anyone is welcome to put their hand up to contribute, you know. 😉 But if you’d prefer to just bitch about other peoples’ work on the internet instead, we’ll understand.

  24. I just did!

    But complaining is naturally the best part.

  25. Martin,

    The gentoo-pandora-dev image is being used for use ‘developers’ to work to build more images. We use that software, but you don’t have to. The gentoo-pandora-minimal-0.0.3 will be exactly what it says ‘minimal’ and you can use whatever software you want.

    If you would like to contribute join us at FreeNode#gentoo-pandora.


  26. Well that’s a relieve.

    Change to OpenBSD, and I might consider 😉

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