Caster gets official

February 23, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Did someone say commercial game? Back in January we reported that a Pandora port of Caster was being considered. This time around, there’s no need for careful wording or a rumour tag. GP32x member Svartalf has informed us that all the lower case j’s have been dotted, and Caster is heading for both x86 Linux and Pandora. More from the man himself:

It still lacks a few things before it can go into beta on the X86 Linux side of things, so it’s going to be a short bit before that is ready- from there, we only lack a few tweaks inside the game and SDL 1.3 to make it play nice with ES implementations other than the iPhone one. Pricing for the Linux and Pandora versions will be the same as the Windows and MacOS versions and will be obtainable from Elecorn’s sales site.



  1. Well, i’d buy it for a fiver.

    offtopic – I totally want to go watch Wayne’s World now…

  2. If I decide to get a Pandora I will buy it.

  3. Yawn. Just because you pay for a game doesn’t make it ‘commercial’ in my book. Caster is still just a mediocre indie tech demo. Repeated use of the term ‘commercial’ doesn’t make it any better.

  4. Big wOOt!
    Think it looks like a great game myself and look forward to actually paying out for this one.

  5. [constructive_input]

    I agree with sinoth. I also don’t like the look of this game. Bland comes to mind. The game looked like a bunch of big, open, generic landscapes with really bad textures. And that was the trailer before I get called out on that. The trailer that’s supposed to get me excited about it.


  6. I kind of agree that it doesn’t look to be the best game visually… but watching the trailer it showed some intense action. Looks fun. I’ll be picking it up.

  7. Maybe I will buy it , but only if there are no great games on the Pandora, so: Guess I don’t buy it.

  8. This is awesome! It’s the first real sign of a ‘commercial’ game in the means of a game that you pay the developers for. I really don’t see why we should see this as a negative thing sinoth? This kind of attention is great because it may open up doors and eyes for more games!

  9. > “Yawn. Just because you pay for a game doesn’t make it ‘commercial’ in my book.”

    Yes it does. That’s the very definition of commercial.


  10. The phrase “commercial game” brings to my mind games done by companies with massive budgets. If you want to argue semantics, the definition I’m using for commercial is:
    “prepared, done, or acting with sole or chief emphasis on saleability, profit, or success”

    So while you may have to pay for Caster, I don’t see it as commercial. An indie game is indie, whether or not you fork over cash to play it.

    Not trying to establish a right or wrong here — I just think it’s silly Caster is being singled out because the author charges for it. The fact that there is a fee says nothing about the quality of the game or it’s worth to the community, so why even throw around labels like ‘commercial’?

  11. because ‘commercial’ does say nothing about quality itself?

    Just tried the caster-demo with wine and it really rocks. Graphics aren’t the best, but the gameplay is fluent and fun.
    This would really be a great title for the pandora, no matter if you call it commercial or indy.

  12. Sinoth, I wouldn’t expect any non-indie commercial games to come to the Pandora. You seriously think EA is going to start developing for this?

    Anyway, if someone charges for a game, and people buy it, then I would say that’s a successful commercial game. Indie or not.

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