Could we be seeing commercial games on the Pandora?

February 22, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Craigix has posted an interesting question in the forums. He’s asked what commerical games we would be interested in seeing on the Pandora and why.

After reading thought the Gizmondo liquidation details I was surprised to see just how cheap they obtained some of their game ports for the console. Of course having those games didn”t save the system in any way but…

If we could throw some money at having a commercial game or two ported over which ones would they be and why?

Which do you think would get the Pandora the most attention or the most sales?

Or is the money better spent elsewhere?

Could we see some commercial games coming out on the Pandora? Or is it generally a bad idea taking ideas from the failed Gizmondo?




  1. I’d love to see Payback ported! This is likely the only game that I will still need my GP2X for, and I guess porting it can’t be that hard.

  2. I think World of Goo would be fantastic to play on the pandora and there already is a linux port.

  3. I think Half Life 1 would be amazing on the Pandora. It should be able to run really well too. Not sure how hard of a task that would be though.

  4. Sacrifice for PC. That was older 3D game that was awesome, but totally under appreciated. Should be cheap to license considering. Since Interplay AND Shiny Entertainment went disappeared since then, should be even cheaper.

  5. i would even pay 100 bucks for a stripped-down gears of war :p

    but I think cliffy doesnt have time porting for pandora 😉

  6. In addition to my own post above, if the original Half Life engine could be ported, then think of all the game possibilities that open up. Counter Strike, Blue Shift, Opposing Force, ect.

  7. I am not a WoW player, but I wonder how it would go. Yes I know that it is continually upgraded/updated, but that isn’t something to stop us.

    Though, maybe online car racing games, I honestly don’t know, as I am not a gamer.

  8. I’d realy like to see both Final Fantasy Tactic (psx and psp) and the games from nippon ichi (Disgaea 1,2,3, Makai Kingdome, Phantom Brave, La Puccele Tactics, etc) for the pandora

  9. I’d realy like to see both Final Fantasy Tactic (psx and psp) and the games from nippon ichi (Disgaea 1,2,3, Makai Kingdome, Phantom Brave, La Puccele Tactics, etc) for the pandora.
    Disgaea 1 has a port for psp and it looks great so the pandora could play all thsi games with no effort at all

  10. It’s gotta be GTA 3 for me guys

  11. Cave Story

  12. Yes, Half Life and GTA San Andreas.

  13. Why would one would like to play a fps on a handheld console ?

    I would prefer to play racing games like wipeout, action games like god of war, strategy games like age of empire or reflexion games like professor layton.

  14. Maybe some port of galaxy wars, the settlers or even medieval *whistle* hehe 😛

  15. @ kaldrill: Lots of people want FPS games on a handheld! And that’s what this question is about – what will appeal to the masses. 😉

  16. Pandora Handheld Gaming Device – Sponsored by AMIGA Inc.

    . . . May take attention in market

  17. Strange Adventures in Infinite Space!

  18. I’m going with Dario on the NIS games Disgaea etc

  19. World of goo but I know they might be porting it going by there website. Lets hope, coz it would be awesome and it may bring in extra sales. I’d buy it tomorow if it was in the shops or online for the Pandora 🙂

  20. Castlevania: SOTN

  21. i would really like a nice FSP online shooter. Quake 3, Helo or Counter-Strike style dont really care.

  22. And another vote for Final Fantasy Tactics. Also, throw Vandal Hearts II in there.

  23. I have bin happy since the Battle for Wesnoth engine go ported
    That needs to get advertised more I had to to a lot a digging to find that out and it’s a good game with a large following.

    If you want more on line I would say BZflag port

  24. I would say the most graphically impressive first-person shooter possible that would run well under the pandora hardware. Those games tend to turn the most heads, and have a most fanatical following. Also, they have the bonus of being able to take full advantage of the pandora’s dual analog nubs, something no other portable will have. My suggestion would be for quake3/unreal tournament/half-life, or if the hardware could pull off even more impressive graphics, maybe doom3/half-life 2/halo 1/halo 2 or something similar.

    As for world of goo: excellent idea! make sure it has full support for the stylus!

    As for the rpg type games, those would be awesome, but those can, and to some extent have already been done very well on other portables.

    I want games that would show off what can’t be done anywhere else nearly as great!

  25. You want something unique that can show off the dual analog nubs? PES/Winning Eleven series or equivalent football game.

    I have zero interest in such a game but the Pandora would sell like crazy in certain circles if they’d be made aware of such a product’s existance.

  26. Also a football menagership game. Never underestimate the buying power of the football fan in Europe.

  27. TmNationsForever

    All i need to say ;P

    But then again some awesome fighter games would be nice… with online gaming. *Street Fighter 4* ^_^

    Please port a good online chess engine @_@

  28. Multiplayer games, but compatible to the “real” ones. That would turn some heads, doesn’t matter which game.

  29. The Resident Evil Series.

  30. trackmania and geometry wars!!!

    the second would make perfect use of the dual analog nubs.

  31. Trackmania would be excellent

  32. Puzzle Quest would be a good one. What with the touch-screen and all.

  33. Tribes

  34. If I were going to go really crazy, I’d like to see the first Unreal engine ported. Although that’s an engine, not a game.

  35. it’s supposed to be an open console, i don’t want lot of commercial games on pandora, i want free and open soruce games. Altough most of games on commercial consoles costs around 70 euros in spain(the min.salary is around 600 euros) and in japan costs 15 euros. This is the reason of wanting free games, for the exporters/importers abuse.
    Altough this is a good motivation for me have commercial games on pandora because then i’m more motivated to develop and release an advanced rpg/mmorpg maker.(boicoting most of commercial games because i haven’t 70 euros for a game or for other things

  36. The occasional commercial title has never stopped the GP32X community from making great, free games. And it never will. 🙂

  37. Wow, almost nobody answered the article and instead posted a wish-list… no, I don’t think the Pandora appeals to third-party software houses and probably never will, since it’s a machine running Linux (which is hard to target for game makers in general, although there are exceptions), there is no standard platform, no “official” distro to point libs and standard features at, and there is a roof of 5000 sales for a title, so… why bother? Even if they sell a game for 25US$ to ALL owners, it’s a theoretical maximum of 125,000€. Realistically games sell to like 15% of a market tops, on average, which makes for 37.5k€ – predictably less on a console with such great free alternatives like the Pandora.

    HOWEVER, if there was some sort of official SDK and a kind of “App Store” with payed apps support, and if Pandora was a mass-production product, I could see this happening, even if just for garage-type of software houses or even single authors.

  38. They won’t develop for it cause it’s running linux? What do you think the majority of hardware runs?

  39. @PoisonedV

    you’re kidding, right? I mean GAMING apps, not embedded stuff 😀

    As per this link http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/31855.html ITRON was, in 2003, the OS that ran in most of the hardware in the world. Did you ever heard of a game for ITRON or even its name before? 😀

  40. Yeah, money certainly better spent elsewhere. Meet demand for the hardware first.

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