No Sticky Keys?

February 18, 2009

MWeston made a post regarding the keyboard layout that seems to imply that sticky keys will not be available:

This layout as it is shown in the picture is impossible because you can”t press 3 keys at once unless it is game button/keypad combos. I have already let ED know that so I”m sure he”s still working away at it.

UPDATE: Nevermind
From MWeston:

I think sticky keys should definitely be used. That will be great for keys that are used less and were less optimally placed for that reason.




  1. Just as long as it isn’t turned on by holding shift for 8 seconds…I mean, not like I’d need to hold it that long for anything, but it could get annoying during a game. Ah heck, I’d probably just disable it anyway. Also lol@the boring news tag.

  2. I thought it was merely a matter of software?

  3. oh more keypad news, cool.

  4. I thought sticky keys require pressing a button for a while and then alternate features are enabled. No where in that would it mean holding down 3 keys for any reason, right? I don’t understand why this post was even made.

  5. sticky keys is for fast typing on a device where it’s difficult to press more keys simultaneously.

    You quickly press-and-release shift, then quickly press-and-release “a”, and as a resut you get “A”.

    You quickly press-and-release Alt, then quickly press-and-release Ctrl, then quickly press-and-release Fn, then quickly press-and-release “1” and you have Ctrl-Alt-F1.

    See? No simultaneous keypresses, yet typing is still efficient. I had this on my old trusty HP48G calc, and it was very nice to use.

  6. what is with the forums and doubling all the quotation marks?

  7. Ah, well, thanks for the explanation cosurgi! Very good indeed. And what a calculator, HP48G! It was quite of a perfection and it still is. Sweet RPN never gets old. I hope it will be possible to emulate it on the Pandora.

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