CE Testing and Delivery Plans

February 18, 2009
Posted by: TaG

In response to the current timeplans there have been a few comments from EvilDragon and Chip:

CE shouldn”t take one month – I know the test itself can be done in a couple of days and we”re looking for a company that won”t give us a long wait before they start testing.

The case manufacturer already has the CAD files, as they are the ones making the CNC prototype as well.  That is why we went with CNC (as opposed to other, much faster rapid prototype technologies).  Since it is the same factory, we know they have the exact dimensions down.  Since it is the same machines in the same facility, there is little chance of (and no excuse for) variations between the prototype and final cases.

These cases are being made in China.  As I understand things, the cases will be shipped to TX where everything will be assembled and tested.  The completed, tested Pandoras will be shipped to the UK and from there to everybody who ordered one.

… and to Germany ;\)

It would be cheaper in some ways (to ship the ones destined for the US to MWeston), much more expensive in others.  MWeston has a day job which would preclude him from boxing and labeling hundreds of Pandoras in a reasonable timeframe.  I have offered to do it, but Craig declined for what are actually quite good reasons that I”m not sure I can discuss.  Rest assured that it is being planned in the most reasonable way possible.

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  1. I seem to remember Craig saying the Pandora wouldn’t be made in China as their build quality was too low.

  2. Well a lot of parts will inevitably come from China, since it is the biggest manufacturing hub in the world, but it is being assembled and tested in America.

  3. Craig also said the CNC cases will be made in China because it’s to expensive in europe and the USA

  4. Ashjones: He was specifically talking about the boards, I think. They’re very intricate boards to fit it all in such a small area, and they were worried about failures.

  5. The only thing being made in china is the case

  6. All this is gonna take way longer than what people currently think. Not a chance they’ll be ready in April or may, probably not even june. More like july-august or even september if everything goes well.

  7. Worst case scenario 2010?

  8. No, the worst case scenario is still, and has always been, never.

  9. Anyone else curious about Chip’s comment:
    “I have offered to do it, but Craig declined for what are actually quite good reasons that I”m not sure I can discuss. “?

  10. “I have offered to do it, but couldn’t because of MYSTERY REASON OF FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE!”.

  11. @TaG: Not really. Chip has been very helpful, and may be an ‘official’ member of the team, but I think Craig doesn’t want anything to go awry with the Pandoras and only wants some of the main main dev people to do it. Not that he doesn’t trust Chip, but he has to be cautious. That, or Chip lives in Antartica, where it would be too expensive/cold/both to ship them to. Or maybe Chip isn’t a real person at all, and just a front for the inevitable mental disorder Craig received from all the stress.
    Either way, it’s getting taken care of in an orderly fashion so far, so hooray!

  12. I figure it’s something to do with OpenPandora Ltd being a UK registered company. Curious? A bit. Concerned? Naa.

  13. Re: Tensuke

    I like the idea of chip being the acceptable face of Craig’s breakdown. Like a forum based Tyler Durden.

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