Teeworlds teed up for Pandora

February 13, 2009

If cute, squeaky bundles of death are your bag, then you probably already know about Teeworlds. For everyone else, it’s a free online multiplayer game with retro underpinnings and an abundance of adorable carnage. According to an entry from our friends at pandora-blog.de, Teeworlds creator Magnus ‘matricks’ Auvinen has a keen eye on Pandora and intends to port the project as soon as they get hold of of some hardware. If we could send him one right now, we surely would. Video after the break.

(unofficial video)



  1. meh… it doesn’t look all that fascinating, but the more games the better.


  3. This looks great! The gameplay and the control of the characters feels very much like pac-in-time on the SNES.

  4. What is that, some kind of “worms” in flash?

  5. Hahaha. Flash?? No Mr. TT. It’s not even very wormy. It’s more of a real-time worms with lots of comic fighting action. It looks like it’d be better suited towards playing with a group of friends in a lollathon.

  6. forget about it, I thought I’d just watch the video…..
    Looks plain boring.

  7. It’s actually pretty fun. That video is just of one of the boring default maps

  8. This will be a great addition for the Pandora!

    The negativity is really unwarranted, I don’t care about your ‘informed’ opinion TT …

  9. @LastRite: you guys stop acting like nazi jerk. What’s wrong with the pandora community, everytime someone says something negative he just gets insulted. That is boring. Really. What about my “informed” opinion? I don’t pretend I know everything I just comment the news and give my opinion. I there a problem with that? Or is this some kind of leninist community that preaches liberty but dont accept different point of views?

  10. Actually, to state an opinion you should have said something like ‘It looks boring to me’ rather than making a qualitative assessment.

  11. Also: Everyone is entitled to an opinion (in my opinion!).

  12. @ ashdjones. Completely agree with you, everyone is entitled to an opinion. And when I say “it’s boring”, that’s my opinion, even though I don’t give explanations why I think it’s boring.

  13. The game looks so boring because 1) you’re not the one playing 2) the guy in the video doesn’t really know how to play. He’s constantly getting beat up.

  14. Looking forward to the pandora port. This is one of those games that I was really hoping would get ported, it’s so much damned fun! (to me!)

    It’s worth the download to check out the pc game, I’m pretty sure it’s already on all x86 platforms, it’s only 6MB, and free:

  15. Another problem you’re having TT, is understanding what ashdjones actually said. State your opinion, just make sure you keep it as an opinion and don’t act like a jerk.

    Also, it wasn’t the fact it was negative. It’s because it’s completely unwarranted, and the fact that larger/more recognised closed source projects are porting to the the Panda.

  16. Sure your entitled to your opinion TT, if it’s overtly negative and without basis keep it to yourself though.

    Comments like that can potentially dissuade developers.

  17. i don’t think the teeworlds dev could care less for the discussion in this blog 😉
    It’s probably the most popular open-source game in regards of user-base and has lots of attention in media. If giga wouldn’t be closed this month, we would definatly get a lot of attention in their community, but we probably don’t want those folks in, at least for now.
    Still, teeworlds will probably keep it’s large community and together with an optimised client, made by the original author, that means sales.
    I’m not really good at that game, but found it fun and polished.

  18. Looks just like a Liero Clone with indestructible terrain, lack of cool weapons and network support.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a great concept, but I personally would rather play Liero. Of course, just my opinion, YMMV etc.

  19. Alright. I’ll stop being negative.

    “larger/more recognised closed source projects are porting to the the Panda.”
    names? No sarcasm, I’m really interested in knowing what closed source projects are being ported.

  20. Seems pretty good to me. Could probably do with making pandora only groups though, as I am not sure whether pandora owners woulf be able to compete with a keyboard and mouse combo.

  21. Off the top of my head:

    G3D, that company “no siesta studios” or something like that are actively going to develop games for it, that dreamcast puzzle game that I can’t remember the name of, several emulators, etc etc etc. And remember, there is not even a fully finished final version of the pandora yet!

    Wow, I should’ve re-read my comment. “The the” haha

  22. “Looks just like a Liero Clone with indestructible terrain, lack of cool weapons and network support.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a great concept, but I personally would rather play Liero. Of course, just my opinion, YMMV etc.”


  23. Is that it? No siesta and their “projects”, a puzzle game and emulators…. Closed source? Exciting? Sounds good?
    -> nope.

  24. I think it’s great. Teeworld plays like soldat. http://www.soldat.pl

    But soldat never will be ported to a handheld.

  25. @wertigon
    It has network support, all games are online, multi-player. If you download it, it comes with the server package. I think that you’re correct about the terrain. I honestly don’t remember what the weapon selection is like, other than that I think that there are different weapons that you can pick up, depending on who you join a game with.

    But, again, it’s a worth a try, as it only takes a few minutes to download and hop on a server.

  26. TT, you said you’d stop being negative when everyone made you wrong and you made yourself look like a jerk. Also, that’s not it. Just search for yourself. And as I said, there isn’t even a unit properly made yet.

    And the G3D Engine is definetely not a “that’s it…?”

  27. ” am not sure whether pandora owners woulf be able to compete with a keyboard and mouse combo.”

    A worrying statement – shouldn’t a handheld games console where the gaming controls are one of the touted features above and beyond non-gaming things (like lappys and netbooks) be, err, rather better than a PC at gaming?

  28. I think dual-analogs + shoulder buttons will be an accelent input method for teeworlds. Probably better then keyboard and mouse. Especially on the train or in the garden 😉

  29. sorry, probably better left digital + right analog + shoulder buttons 😀

  30. That vid should give all you youngsters an idea of why Liero is great fun. 🙂 Oh well.

  31. I can see why people would like teeworlds and the graphics are great, but when I played it I didn’t find a whole lot to keep me engaged.

  32. TT is a troll dont reply to him, thats what he wants

  33. I’ve played it. It’s not that great, I prefer soldat better because its the same format but with faster action. This game also relies alot on spray n pray in my experiences, and gets stale quick.

  34. Also, I’ve seen comparisons to Liero… Honestly, I don’t think its very similar to Liero at all, except grappling hook, which actually worked better in Liero. I do however, think this game would be far better with dual analogs than mouse + wasd

  35. Liero was (and still is) an amazing game, at least that’s something a lot of people may agree on!

  36. I think this game would be great with dpad & touchscreen imo.

    Liero looks hella fun tho, I hope we can get a port of that too. There is OpenLiero & the source is available, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

  37. Personally this is one of my favorite open source games. Would this best be played with Left Analog for movement Right Analog for aiming and R for shooting? Or will it be better with the default WASD + Mouse(stylus in this case)?

  38. This game is more inherently suited for analogs since very little of the aiming is based on distance, its almost completely based on direction.

  39. i’d say best would be left digital for moving, cause you don’t want to jump with an analog, do you? Right analog for aiming. Right shoulder for fire, left shoulder for rope, some buttons for changing weapons.
    Saying that, it would be even more comfortable with L2 and R2-buttons, but you can’t have everything by default 😉

    And really, who cares if liero is a good game or not. this is not about liero and altough those games share some elements, they are very different games in the end.
    I’m very happy there will be a port made by the original author, that somewhat guarantees quality. For those, that like the game, the pandora-version will rock. For those that don’t like them… what do you loose?

  40. You lose the dedication of game authors and community members to other projects.

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