OGRE Running on a Beagleboard

February 13, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

As you may or may not know, the Beagleboard is a OMAP powered micro-computer. Its hardware specifications are almost identical to the Pandora, it is used by many Pandora developers who do not have Pandora development boards, like the Gentoo Pandora developers. This is OGRE (the 3d engine) running a few tests on a Beagleboard using the powerVR SGX core (the exact same one avaliable on the Pandora). It looks like those 3d drivers are finnaly coming into circulation!

Quote from craigix:

Good stuff, we are hoping to show off more 3D on the Pandora in the coming weeks too now that the drivers are working.




  1. w00w, first 30 secs. in “Current FPS” menu at ~50

  2. read it before this was posted 😛

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