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February 12, 2009

The Wiz has been delayed until April, it was supposed to be shipping this month. Here’s a quote from EvilDragon himself,

I”m sorry to announce that GPH told me the WIZ has been delayed further. The new date is now late of April (but this should be sure now, as they did tell me).

There have been some problems with the firmware – nothing serious or critical, but it takes some more time.
The problems are mainly the new flash engine – they are still testing various engines and try to include the best and most suitable one.
Also, the new firmware will have a better display quality – I guess the tearing will be fixed.

They also plan on releasing weekly videos of the WIZ development and interviews with the team members.


Which handheld will come out first? The Wiz or the Pandora? Place your bets now!



  1. This is getting a bit annoying in my opinion. First the google latitude post and now this. I think that its far away from the pandora, the wiz is something – “completly” – different, nobody would post DS news on a PSP blog. The latitude post was offtopic because it works on every system which has a web-browser and wifi, if we do it like this, we could post hundreds of other pages too!

  2. While you say that, you must realize we haven’t had any major news this week. It’s been slow for news. Either way, if we did have lots of news this week, I would still have posted this.

    We share the same forums, architecture and distributors. Lots of future Pandora owners are likely to already own a Wiz and the other way around.

  3. I welcome this post.

    Rather this then nothing!

  4. Take a chill pill, Jay. This is highly relevant. The whole reason we have the Pandora (as I understand it) is because Craig was fed up with Gamepark Holdings who now develop the Wiz, so it’s interesting to hear about their success/failure alongside ours.

  5. Interviews with the team members sounds interesting!

  6. I agree, I like posts like this.

    If the posts on the Wiz were as frequent as the pandora, like telling us when the wiz’s keyboard layout has been finalised, I would agree.

    But major news, such as a delay, is good to know.

    Well, not for Wiz fans, but you get my drift :/

  7. No more offtopic, please!

    Interviews with the developers of Pandora could be quite interesting, but please add English subtitles of it as some of us can’t understand speaked English correctly.



  9. I welcome this post as well.

  10. I appreciate seeing these slightly off topic topics. It’s the only way I’d hear anything about The Wiz since I don’t actively follow it. My bet’s on Pandora!

  11. I see no problem in posting Wiz news. I don’t get bitching about something slightly off topic. Anything that can be complained about, will be, I guess.

  12. Butterman: We share the same forums, yes, but this is something which I – PERSONALLY – never liked. Sharing the same architecture is not too special. If I would have to pick another device to post information about it would be the beagleboard probably. But there are many more omap and arm devices, why don’t we get DS, IPhone posts?
    sinoth: I followed the project since some time already and I know the whole story, but now it should be independent from it.
    Miknal/gmhuntr7: I don’t follow the wiz scene neither, I know what it is and I know that it targets another audience and its not a device I would buy (atleast not now) and if I wanted to know such things, I would just look myself (on a wiz blog for example)
    timofonic: This is about the wiz developers

    However, this is just my personal opinion, no need for a chill pill 😉 – I’ll just ignore the “offtopic” posts next time – just wanted to share my thoughts before doing so.

  13. On the one hand, I’m enraged that this news is not about the Pandora. On the other hand, even though I’ve never heard of it, I’m filled with scorn for the Wiz, because it’s *not* the Pandora and its release is being delayed.

  14. This was a completely reasonable topic. First of all, there has been a bit of a race to see which console would make it to market first. Second, it’s useful to realize that release delays for electronic devices are quite common. (we are not alone!) Third, a minority of Pandora customers were debating between which of the two items to purchase.

    Last, the Pandora has come from, and still exists as part of the the GP32, GP32X and Wiz community.

    Thanks to the original poster.

  15. It’s a matter of opinion, if this belongs here or not. But it’s no reason for criticising, because the Blog guys are free to decide what to post and do a damn great job 🙂 Without this blog gp32x would have commited suicide, already 😉

  16. I think the Pandora has the possibility of comming before the Wiz.

    And about the conversation going on how it is unrelated: I found the google thing informing, though this, is slightly related, though not really directly much at all. I don’t care what is here, as long as it is not spam, and it has some form of relationship. I would rather have “space-fillers” than no updates for weeks at a time. Isn’t this what the unofficial blog was made for..?

  17. I’m not the one who made the blog, but as I understand it, the unofficial blog was made so people wouldn’t have to read through 40+ page long topics each day in order to find some news on the Pandora. Getting information was ridiculous.

    That said, posting stuff like this is almost in direct opposition to that theme. If the blog was made to filter out “junk” that is not directly related to the Pandora….

  18. I have to agree, This is irrelevant…and has nothing to do directly nor indirectly with the Pandora.

    I have been apart of the gp2x community since its inception and a journalist for the Bennington Banner for 3 years, and posting a blog post like this to fill us news space is like me talking about the Nintendo DS and how it looks similar to the Pandora.

    If the bloggers can’t take responsibility for their posts. Then they should be posting.
    I am not being harsh. I am sure the intentions are good, but responsibility needs to be taken.

  19. well you have some points there, only relation I see is that it is from the same company that is or has employed ED, though it is not a rival or anything, but we all know about it’s existence.

  20. gamepark holdings also used to employ craige if i remember correctly but thats irrelevant really. The Wiz is an interesting device very closely tied in with the pandora as far as companies and developers are concerned. Also as for the comment about people tossing up which device to get, some of my friends were doing that based solely on release so it is an interesting bit of news.
    Lastly and in reference to the comment about talking about the psp and the ds i am sure that when they were being developed and nearing release people kept a close eye on both devices including the bloggers and they would have subsequently kept their readers up to date about things such as this. IMO the blog team do a brilliant job and should be respected for it, if you do not agree with a post simply state that, is it necessary to make it more personal or maybe i just got the wrong end of the stick from tjf

  21. This is a perfectly valid post, if only because it puts Pandora development and all its associated delays in perspective. Whatever they claim about these delays being due solely to menu issues, it is likely they are having the same sort of supply, manufacturing and/or financing issues that we’re facing. I can certainly understand them not wanting to discuss their difficulties publicly, since the “open” aspect of Pandora development has really been a blessing and a curse for the developers. People aren’t used to seeing the behind-the-scenes drama of new product development, and obviously a lot of them take common issues and setbacks the wrong way.

    It would have been a hell of a lot easier for Craig and ED to have just said “It’s delayed for three months to work on the menus” instead of giving (and then having to explain in detail) a constant play-by-play of the design, testing and manufacturing process. It would have been easier, but it would have left you guys out of the loop, and it has been their feeling all along that community involvement is important. Community involvement is why the Pandora forums are constantly buzzing (good and bad) while the Wiz forums are near silent.

    So with their “working on menus” story, GPH has bought themselves some more time to work on the Wiz and get it manufactured without constant questions and complaints. What they’re not doing is building excitement through community involvement. Personally I completely understand their decision, but at the same time I’m glad Openpandora is doing it the way we are.

    @Kloplop: ED has never worked FOR Gamepark or GPH. He’s a licensed distributor for their products (as are Craig and MFK).

  22. Newguy said pretty much exactly what I was thinking, though IMHO SomeDude has got a pretty good point about the “filtering” aspect, at least with regard to the Google thing (not so sure about THIS article though as the whole Wiz/Pandora race has an obvious Pandora-ish aspect to me).

  23. Wow, so the Wiz will be released late of april. And you guys wonder if the pandora will be released earlier…..
    I bloody hope so!!!

  24. I always saw the Wiz as a cousin to the Pandora, and I really didn’t mind this news at all – infact I think comparisons are useful to get perspective like others have already said.

  25. I appreciate updates on the Wiz. I ordered a Pandora but I am going to get a Wiz too. Good post. Thanks

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