Google Latitude on Pandora – Your friends will know where your Pandora is!

February 11, 2009
Posted by: mazza558

Some of you may have heard of Google Latitude, the mobile (and now web) service that allows you to broadcast your location with friends, via phone signals. Well, now there is a way to use Latitude on the web, provided you have Firefox, WiFi and iGoogle. Google calculates your position through triangulation and your Wifi signal.

Guess where this is going? Guess what the Pandora has? That’s right, WiFi and Firefox!

So, effectively, you’ll be able to hook up to a Wifi hotspot in a city, log on to iGoogle on the Pandora, and share your location with friends, without suffering network costs! Pretty cool (and a terrifying invasion of privacy) eh?

If you still don’t understand, watch this video for an introduction…

If anyone want to try out the service on their laptops/desktops, here’s the howto:


P.S – It has pinned my location to 10 metres, which is both terrifying and awesomely-awesome.



  1. Wot geeks have friends!! 🙂

  2. Do you think this will still be around when the pandora is finished?

  3. Bleh, please don’t fill this normally interesting blog about the Pandora with random google hype fanboy crap.

  4. A lot of people use Google. This just makes the Pandora a bit more interesting to use as an UMPC.

  5. This is quite interesting! I don’t understand what’s wrong with bleh.

  6. It is tempting to sign in…

    I can already imagine Chip Hunting down flammers one after another.

  7. I’ll take bleh until my Pandora arrives.

  8. I just tried it. I had to use a user agent switcher because I’m running Arch Linux and Firefox is named Gran Paradiso other than that it was simple.

  9. Gawd no! My friends are the last people in the world I’d want to know where I’m at.

  10. Now if I (we) could use this to find a stolen Pandora, that would be quite useful.

  11. Sounds like fun. lets get a group going so we can tell where pandora users are!

  12. Why would I use THAT? Why should everybody +google now where I am? Nobody knows where I am, I’m invincible – HAHAHAHAAH.

  13. We probably don’t need a list of every last thing you can do with a web browser.

    We know the Pandora has a web-browser, we can work out what to do with it on our own. Short of a text editor, It is pretty much the most fundamental tool a modern computer can have.

    No offense.

  14. @Andy L
    Well it’s a slow news day. If we don’t post anything, we get complaints that there isn’t enough news.

  15. This is cool, and besides, theres nothing else to talk about. Our primary source is under the weather, and while this being related to pandora is stretching it, who cares?

  16. I found it quite interesting to read, and because of the slow news day, i don’t see anything wrong about it.

    I won’t use it, though. I’d find it creepy to let my friends (and god knows who else) know where i’m at all the time …

  17. But… it’s the perfect gift for someone you want to assasinate…

    Other than that though – surely if I want someone I know to know where I am, what’s wrong with telling them? I can even tell them in advance so we can meet up if desired…

    I admit it freely, much of this “social networking” stuff bemuses me. Now – if this was a gadget to let me track my Pandora NOW, and tell me where the various bits are and how near to built/delivered it is, I’d be all excited!!

  18. I have to warn you – in the future, when all Pandoras unite together to become a sentient entity and threaten mankind, resistance fighters will be sent back to destroy every last machine. Don’t make it too easy.

  19. “If we don’t post anything, we get complaints that there isn’t enough news.”
    Fair enough.

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