Keypads, OS, and more

February 10, 2009
Posted by: poisonedv

A new post by EvilDragon is up on the blog.

While we’re still discussing about the final keyboard layout and font (it’s not as easy as you would think), devs are continuing working on the OS.
At the moment, we think that a generic english keyboard layout would be the best, but regional ones can additionally bought for a few bucks. This is not final yet, but it tends to that direction.

Well, back to the OS.
DJWillis got G3 (UMTS) USB-sticks working in his latest image! He’s still tweaking a bit, but there should be a video there, soon.
He also included locales support, so upon release you should have a localized version of the OS on your Pandora.
Meanwhile, cpasjuste started coding a nice menu to run apps in minimal mode (as it would’ve been too complicated to finish gmenu until the release). The menu already supports PXML Format (which has changed a bit, but we’ll release the new specs of it soon).
I’ll take a video of it once it is running fine, which should be about next week.
I’ll also start coding an app which helps every dev creating PXML files by simply filling in all the required and optional field and click on “Create it!”.

And last, but not least, cpasjuste released a small Pandora Toolchain installer which automagically downloads needed files and libraries and installs a toolchain on Linux system, which can be used to compile for the Pandora.
This is not the final and official one yet, however, if somebody wants to see if some of his projects compile or want me to test their programs on a real Pandora, here’s his (or her) chance πŸ™‚




  1. It worries me when Ed says ‘Blah blah has just started coding on the interface’ we’ve heard this at least twice already, the first time was last summer!

    Not wanting to moan, but that was 8-9 months ago ! I’m concerned – at this rate the Pandora will ship without firmware.

  2. Perhaps this will clarify it for you:

    [cpasjuste] has started coding a nice menu…

    not [cp] has just started…

  3. Maybe the wording should be ‘[cp] is busy writing…’?

  4. This corresponding thread contains more information about what cpasjuste is doing:

    In brief, the piece he’s working on for release is a menu that displays all applications that are minimized, so that you can scroll through them with your finger and select which one you want. It’s going to be part of the standard Pandora library.

    Here’s the source:

  5. Sounds pretty cool! Is this in addition to the matchbox UI ED showed off before or a replacement?

  6. AshDone > It’s a simpler UI (and maybe sexier). It’s not replacing matchbox. You will have the choice πŸ˜‰

  7. I will NOT pay extra for local leyboard.

  8. Nameless, OK, then just get out your model airplane paints and your tiny paint-brushes.

  9. o god gp32x is ruined! All the pandora info lost!

  10. I wouldn’t mind, fluxbox and a working X is enough πŸ˜€

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