GP32X Problems

February 10, 2009

All of the forums at gp32x.com have mysteriously disappeared. You can still use the other forums (forum.openpandora.org) until everything is sorted out.



  1. I’ve noticed…

  2. Have none of you considered the possibility that you’ve ALL BEEN MASS BANNED? 🙂

  3. A bit of background for those who don’t know: The openpandora.org forums were set up during the great pre-order onslaught last October, which saw gp32x go down for several days under the sheer volume of traffic. The community migrated back to gp32x as it came back up. So you’ll find a lot of old threads and cobwebs at the OP forums, but some familiar faces too, people singing the Cheers theme, stuff like that.

  4. Hm…that does sound rude, I’ll edit that out. My bad 😦

  5. Alex I have.. well I first thought it was just me.

  6. I hope there is a backup, because this looks like somebody has deleted all the forums from the database…

    SQL injection? Won’t surprise me. Well, we will see …

  7. I hope you’re not right Benjiro. Even if that’s happened though, it won’t affect manufacturing. At the end of the day it’s just a forum.

    Just another note to those heading to the OP forums, there really are some old topics in there that might confuse you, particularly in relation to order cancellations. These topics are ancient and irrelevant now. I’ve asked the mods to unpin them, and lock them.

  8. gruso:

    I tried accessing some off the older posts directly with the correct urls ( still had them in history ). Same deal. Nothing found.

    So, unless that websites programmed with inner join on the posts and the forum categories, looks like there are no posts.

    Might be wrong, and i hope so, but it does not look good. But i do wonder why the user/actor/member whatever table is still ok.

    Manufacturing won’t be affected, but, its still annoying to use, and it might give some people the wrong idea ( Like: “No more forum, haaaa, the developers have taken the money, and run, haaaaa”. *lol* 🙂 ).

  9. im bugging Fixedy aka Kyosis to fix up the forum since they will now be our prime source of communication.

  10. The ‘latest posts’ thing on the gp32x frontpage is still working, so it looks like the actual posts / topics are still there.

  11. guys, PLZ put the link somewhere to the pandora video vault http://www.kultpower.de/pandoravideos/

    I almost forgot where it is, and I had to use google!

  12. So… we have to go to:


    to start our keyboard polls now then?

  13. are you teasing me? 😛 I have thought the matter a bit (can’t help thinking) and I have some ideas for a poll that might be wise & helpful. (bot just bitching). But first I will prefer to talk about the questions itself, than just making a poll without anyones opinion on it. And not now. I gotta some RL work todo. On sunday perhaps…

  14. you seriously need to f**k off with those stupid polls, they’re annoying the s**t out of me and then some, fair dos you’ve come up with a decent keyboard layout but your really not helping things out anymore. Nuff said.

  15. Bob, chill out man.

  16. Yes, corurgi is very enthusiastic about his keyboard polls! It’s not really a bad thing though. Did the devs actually take the designs into account in the end?

  17. mmm, nothing to do with that topic but i’m considering cancelling my order. mmmm.
    I just thought i’d mention it so that people here can bash a little.

  18. I am chilled out…until I see a keyboard poll, and then my blood seethes with green rage and the veins in my head start ripping through my skin like fault lines and I have tear my clothes off in an effort to release the anger…and then I’m good again…until the next stupid poll that is.

  19. bob, i’m planning on releasing a poll application for the pandora. so people can poll themsleves. I’ll call it “Poll dancing” and i’m sure a few nerds here are gonna love it.

  20. lol TT – that would be a excellent idea… maybe add some “random troll” mode to have the outcome spiced up?

  21. TT: Good for you. Troll much?

  22. TT – why not “Poll Smoking” ?

  23. Usually this happens to me when my internet connection is slowed, so I think that this is a server issue.

  24. “corurgi” yes I’m afraid so, though I thought of it only as a very slight ribbing.

    Enthusiasm in general is good. Enthusiasm tempered by the ability to take a joke is even better (unless/until the “joke” wears a bit too thin, as it seems it may have here). I hadn’t expected a sudden flurry of posts or intended to cause bob to have a hernia. Sorry bob 😦

    TT a “poll application” doe sindeed sound interesting… but I’m not sure how many others would think so. Could we, perhaps, have a poll on the topic…?

  25. Man i thought i just got banned because of my monster c**k thread …
    ahahah Whew.
    I don’t like the other forum >: (
    Not even registered!
    I’ll just have to painfully wait until it is back up… What am i going to do when im bored at work??

  26. cosurgi – any news of the keyboard layout?

    You are a hero.

  27. Attention PandoraPanic developers – we need to hook up on the op.forums! I’ve started an interim PP thread in the dev forum.

  28. you commenters are angry

  29. GP32X Forums are back up.

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