Warranty? Of course there’s a warranty.

February 9, 2009

A hardware warranty has always been a part of the deal, as required by law of course. But there’s nothing like a recent quote from the horse’s mouth to allay any fears. Oh look, here’s one:

It is indeed one year, but fear not as we will allow you to buy any spare parts you might need in the future too. – craigix




  1. One year only? Isn’t Open Pandora Ltd. based in the UK? Because the european law enforces at least two years of warranty…

  2. Not all European directives are enacted in UK law; from a cursory glance on the web, it looks like this is one directive which hasn’t been enacted, may be wrong though, as I’m too lazy to check thoroughly

  3. @neogramps

    Yes you’re probably right, because in France things are the way you describe. EU enforces two years but everybody in France sells electronic stuff with one year-warranty only. As a result, France pays big fees to the EU every year for not respecting the EU law. I guess it’s the same for UK…

    Germany is one of the rare country I know to follow this EU law. Every electronic stuff sold in Germany has the two-year warranty. Look at some german Internet store and you’ll see! 🙂

  4. Actually you’ll find that most the laptop come with a 1-year warranty in th UK. Apart from Asus, 2 years and maybe others.

  5. I don’t know the terms in English, but there is “Garantie” and “Gewährleistung”. “Gewährleistung” is enforced by law, “Garantie” is optional.

  6. Here in Czech republic we always had 2 year warranty not only for electronics but nearly everything

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