February 9, 2009

Here are a few snippets for you. This one from Chip isn’t news, but some are unaware so here goes:

It’s [the logo key] tied directly to a GPIO line (all 3 keys in the middle are) instead of the keypad matrix so that it can be used at any time. It will bring up a system menu with things like a task switching menu, system options and shutdown / suspend commands. The “Pandora” key is off the table for repurposing or remapping.

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From ED – translated:

If I offer mats ADDITIONALLY, the production won’t be delayed – they don’t have anything todo with Pandora’s production smile.gif

The factory optimizes the PCB production at the moment, the parts are all there. Production will be ready to go, soon.

Production of the keymats has already begun, the tool is being made now.

Basically we are waiting for the final prototype-cases[expl. CNC] to do stability, CE and FCC tests.

Then we’ll just have to say “Off we go!” and production will begin smile.gifreference link:

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From craigix:

Well [the analogue nubs] are totally custom made and designed for the Pandora, they are unique thus if any flaw should be found after say a year we can work to address the fault and improve them.


All these news items were posted in this thread, Unofficial Openpandora Community blog.

Thanks to those posting there – please do the same if you come across anything interesting.



  1. cool. thanks for the info

  2. The anticipation is non-literally killing me. I can’t wait until I don’t feel the need to repeatedly check for any amount of information about the Pandora. Or, maybe I’ll feel bored and empty. Again. Only time will tell.

  3. We’ll be optimising the blog for display on Pandora’s screen, so you won’t have to go cold turkey. The shock alone could kill you, otherwise.

  4. Cool gruso! Because it means that the blog will display fine on my EeePC 701! 😀

  5. Very sensible about the special Pandora key, I don’t think this is a system that will like being hard-reset too much.

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